What have I been up to?

Oh look, I dropped off the face of the earth again.  #oops.

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of change for me, both internally and externally.

For about six months, I've had writer's block.  There were a few exceptions in there, but I've had writer's block for a majority of that time.  I took a long break from writing--both fiction and blog posts. (Unfortunately I've still had to write essays for school.  Also, I had to do some edits on The Clockshifter, but I wouldn't consider it enjoyable because of my writer's block.). These last six months have also been a waiting period for me.  What kept me going was that I could change my situation in just a few months.  So I kind of just rode the wave.

Last night, I started writing again because of this incredible post that Stephanie Kehr shared with me. It really dissects why people write and how it can help with healing.  Definitely give it a read.

I also got accepted to my dream college!  This is a major step for me because for a while, I wanted to live at home and go to a community college.  God has been equipping me to go out into the world and live boldly for Him.  This has been an incredible, yet difficult journey.  (I wrote a journal entry a while back about living boldly.  I actually ended up using it for the majority of my college application essay.  I'm using this as my mission statement and my battlecry.  I use it to remind myself how much God has changed me and that I need to live fearlessly for the rest of my life.)

In other news, I started filmmaking again.  Today I'm filming a few scenes from Pride and Prejudice for an English assignment.  This is going to turn out amazing because I have AWESOME, talented team members.  One of my partners is incredible at music composition, so this movie will have an ORIGINAL soundtrack.  She is one of the most musically talented people I know.  My other friend did an INCREDIBLE job writing the screenplay.  It's EXACTLY like the book (as in, the dialogue comes directly from the book).  We also recruited some awesome future movie stars and found some costumes to use.  (As I write this, I should be finishing up the storyboard.)

I am also reconsidering redesigning this blog again.  I don't feel like the purple fits me anymore, so I'm working on something new.  Stay tuned for that.  Also, look for more fresh content coming your way (once I think of something to blog about).

Thank you so much for sticking with me even when I "abandoned" this blog!



  1. Getting accepted is exciting! (As well as filmmaking - have fun with that!!)

    I'm one of those people who rarely get writer's block; I'm more likely to not feel "in the mood" to write once a month or so. Sometimes we just need a recharge or a break, sometimes we just need to push ourselves through and keep at it. But if writing is something you love, you'll eventually get back at it.

    1. Yes, they are very exciting!

      I'm not alone in writer's block! I hope you feel creative more often and have the courage to push through writer's block!

  2. It's good to have you back! Wow, congratulations on getting accepted into your dream college! That's so awesome! =)

    Also, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE YES. Even better that you're going by the book! Can't wait to see the new blog design. =)

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. It's good to be back! (Now to find blog post ideas...) Thank you! I'm so excited!

      The filming went great and the actors are even more incredible than I thought they were going to be! You can look at my blog now to see the new design. :)

  3. Eh, we all drop off the face of the earth sometimes - life happens. It's good to have you back, though! :D

    That Pride and Prejudice filming sounds amazing! How's it going? (Will it be possible to see snippets or a brief highlights reel or something??)

    (And assessments are awfully inconvenient and impolite in not respecting writers' block, right?!)

    I hope your college experience is epic and helps you grow and live fearlessly, Alea! <3
    - Jem Jones


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