End of the Year Goals

This was supposed to post last Monday, but I forgot to schedule it.  #oops.

This year has been crazy for me (clearly, since I forgot to publish this post).

I mean CRAZY.

But I do have goals I want to accomplish before the end of the year (well, maybe more like the end of Christmas break).

I'm pretty sure I stole this post idea from someone, but I'm not sure who.  Probably a conglomeration of bloggers.

1. Finish rewriting The Clockshifter.  (yes, again.)

2. Memorize all of my lines for Little Women.

In January I'm in a play!  And I'm one of the main roles, so please pray for me.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. Read two more books. (Harder than you'd think.)

5. Survive school (and get good grades).

6. Finish my online class.

7. Write my research paper (and get a good grade on it).

8. (This is last because I want it to be a goal for all time) Get closer to God.

Sorry for the "thrown together post".  I'm kind of dry on good post ideas.  I'm also trying to define what this blog really is.  If you have any ideas for me, please comment!


The Types of High School Writers

It's hard to find time to write in high school.  Goodness, I've written maybe 3,000 words since school started about two months ago.  But, some high school writers still find ways to write.

(Warning: this post includes a lot of sarcasm.)

1. The "English Class is Actually My Novel" Writer

This fortunate writer's parents decided that since writing is obviously their child's future occupation and the family homeschools, the child should learn English via novel writing.

2. The "Secret Study Hall" Writer

This writer uses study hall to work on his novel, but shhhhh, don't tell the teacher. Who needs to do science homework anyway?

3. The Lunchtime Writer

Lunch isn't for talking to real friends, it's for playing with fictional characters.  This writer uses her 20 minute lunch break to write.

4. The "Forget Notes, I Have a Plot Bunny" Writer

Math class is too boring and this shiny new story is blossoming in my mind.  This writer pretends he is taking notes, but he is actually writing another chapter. (Also he's probably praying that his teacher doesn't call on him.)

5. The Studious, Overcommitted Writer

This writer really wants time to write but has overcommitted herself to grades and extracurricular activities.  Also, she's too studious to prioritize writing over school.  (Also slightly terrified of failing.). This writer hardly ever writes.

What type of writer describes you?


Blogging Break

My life is kind of crazy right now, so I'm taking a bit of a blogging break.  In the meantime, here are some other blogs you can read.


pretty, new book covers you should totally be aware of + "The Ankulen" cover design process | Kendra's bookshelf overhaul

Like I've mentioned before (at least a dozen times), I like pretty books.  I love being able to show them off on my bookshelf and politely force my friends to read them.

I forget when I first discovered Kendra, but I'm pretty sure it was through Jaye L. Knight.  Anyway, I picked up her books when they were free.  I loved Kendra's witty writing style and twists on cliches.  The only thing I didn't like was her book covers.

Long story short...I designed three of her new covers!  I also helped her revise her others.  (Note: this post is a part of Kendra's Bookshelf Overhaul.)


And here are the covers for The Bookania Quests...


For some reason Blogger isn't letting me format the pictures to that the book covers are in order...sorry.  Apparently I can format a book cover, but not a blog post.  lol.

Also, Sew, it's a Quest is a permanent free ebook on Smashwords!


In celebration of her bookshelf overhaul, Kendra is giving away a FULL set of books!  Hop on over to her blog for details.  Yes, comments on this post count for points.

The Ankulen Cover Design Process

Click to enlarge
This was initial concept for The Ankulen.  I couldn't find a bracelet that did the think I want, so I had to tweak it in GIMP.  Don't worry, it was never intended to go on the finished cover.

Kendra said that she liked the concept, but thought it looked a little too "Princess Diaries".  She also sent me a picture of her legs (which I used in the final cover) and the actual Ankulen she made.

So I went to work again...

Click to enlarge

I adjusted the coloring and added Kendra's images in.  But it was too plain.  There was a bunch of dead space.  It didn't look right.

Click to enlarge

I added the word castle, word dragon, and ink splatters behind it.  Originally, I used the back cover synopsis as the text.  But Kendra suggested I use the first words of the book...

Click to enlarge
The Final Result!

...so I did.  But, some readers expressed some concerns with the cover, so Kendra and I made a few more changes.

Other Participating Blogs

Kendra E. Ardnek loves fairytales and twisting them in new and exciting ways. She's been or acting them on her dozen plus cousins and siblings for years. "Finish your story, Kendra," is frequently heard at family gatherings. Her sole life goal has always been to grow up and be an author of fantasy and children's tales that glorify God and His Word.

What do you think of Kendra's new book covers?  Have you read any of her books?


living with anxiety.

Yes, I realize that this isn't Monday.  This post explains a little bit about why I didn't post on earlier this week.

I have pretty bad anxiety.  I haven't had a doctor diagnosis this, but I know I have it.  I feel it every time I try something new.  I feel it every time my body feels a little different than it did yesterday.  I feel it every time I'm overwhelmed.  I feel it every time I think about college and the future.

I'm a very anxious person and it affects me physically.

1. I push through a lot of stomach problems.

I deal with a lot of nausea.  Don't worry, I don't suffer from some sort of gastrointestinal disease.  My nausea is caused by nerves.  Many days, I have to choke down breakfast before leaving for school.  I have to clench my hands together and make myself look like I'm not super sick the block before a test.  At the end of my freshman year of high school, I stayed home from school for 3 days because of severe anxiety-induced nausea (the plus side of this scenario is that it got me out of dissection in biology).  This nausea isn't something I can pray myself out of.  Sometimes it's there without the "butterflies in my stomach" telling me that I'm nervous.

2. I don't have a lot of energy.

Anxiety takes so much energy out of me.  Almost every day I come home from school emotionally exhausted, so I can't do much other than homework (barely), doodle (which relieves stress for me), and watch tv.  My family always gets on me for being tired all of the time, but coping with anxiety is exhausting.

3. Sometimes I can't reign in my thoughts.

You know those out of control panicky thoughts that go along the lines with, "I'm going to die"?  Sometimes I find those rushing through my head at lightning speed and I can't stop them.  No matter what I do to try to take my mind off whatever I'm freaking out about, I still freak out.  My mind wanders from the book I'm so desperately trying to get sucked into.  My mind wanders away from the comforting Psalms I try to read to calm myself.  (I'm actually having that right now.)

4. I freak out very easily.

One of my biggest freak-out triggers is people acting suspicious and my health.  For some reason, both of those things set me off.

5. The only person who can help me through this is God.

In Peru, I had a major God moment (well, moments) where I realized that I wasn't following God at all.  The trip drew me closer to Him, but not as much as the past two weeks have.  Okay, I'm going to go back in time for a minute.  On the Peru trip, there was something called Cry Night (basically confession night).  I gave up my fearfulness.  But the past two weeks, the Enemy has been attacking me with a lot of fear and anxiety.  The only thing I can do whenever that happens is to pray and try to read God's Word.  Basically, I could use a LOT of prayer right now.

Do you deal with anxiety?  What are some ways you cope with it?  Has it drawn you closer to God?