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Alea Harper is an aspiring Christian author of fantasy, science fiction, and any other weird genre out there, probably because she wishes it were real.  When she isn't writing, you can find her blogging, reading, fangirling, chatting with friends, designing book covers, making a movie, or sipping tea.

*Waves* It's nice to meet you, dear reader!  I trust your journey to my corner of the Internet was wonderful.  :)

I am Alea Harper, though that's just my pen name.  At the age of 3 I was saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus, but more recently have rededicated my life to Him.  In January of 2014, I began to write stories for my Savior and haven't stopped since.  I have written one novel so far, but more are yet to come.  Some other things you should know about me are...

Alea Harper is my pen name.

I have 3 all time favorite authors: Jaye L. Knight, Nadine Brandes, and Anne Elisabeth Stengl.  Don't ask me to pick between them.  I love them all equally and may or may not spontaneously shriek about their books.

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan.

I have been on couple of mission trips.

I may or may not have an obsession with book cover design.  It's a problem.  Seriously.

I love to eat. (Especially when pizza is on the menu!)

MARVEL is amazing.  #teamcap

I write science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, and pretty much any other speculative genre.

I am addicted to Twitter.

I am pretty sure I have abibliophobia.

I have interviewed 2 of my 3 favorite authors and met one of them!
Photo Credit: Nadine Brandes

I am an aspiring filmmaker.

This is a book trailer my little sister and I made for Twinepathy by C.B. Cook.  (This is not the an official trailer.  It is a piece of fan art.)

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31


  1. Hey there!

    I'm trying to put together a small support group for teen writers during November. Katie Grace (of the blog A Writer's Faith) suggested that I ask you if you would be interested! If so, please shoot me an email: 11anniem@gmail.com. If not, no worries, I know it's not everybody's cup of tea.

    (Also, as a side note, I read your blog and it's totally awesome. So I really hope that you'll say yes. But again, totally understand if not.)

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Anne Marie Schlueter

  2. Hey! I stumbled across your blog by way of Pinterest and Elvish lessons :) You sound like a totally awesome person, and so I stopped by the comment section to say hello. It's always fun to find another Christian reader/ writer who likes Tolkien :D

    Random thing: Have you ever read Andrew Peterson's 'The Wingfeather Saga'? It's a series of really amazing Christian fantasy novels.

    So anyway, I decided to say hi!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Arodeth! It makes me so happy! :D Tolkien is awesome.

      No I haven't, but I will have to look into it!

  3. Where did you make your blog button?

    1. I now make all of my graphics using Photoshop CS2. :) Does that help?

    2. Yes! Sorry, I totally forgot to check back here!

  4. Hi! Just found your blog and I love it so far! Sounds like we will get along swimmingly. #TEAMCAP!!! LOL. ;) I'm trying to get my writing blog going. http://penmaidenjournal.blogspot.com/

  5. Just found your blog and it sounds awesome!! Can't wait to read more posts by you!!

    You can check my blog out at www.nerdyisbeautiful.wordpress.com

  6. Would you be interested in designing the cover for my book? Shoot me an email (4rmeddy@excite.com) if you're interested!! I love your blog!

  7. Hey Alea!
    I am actually looking for someone to design my book cover... So, if your interested, I would love it if you could! Please email me with any questions you probably have. :)
    BTW, I just absolutely love your posts! They are so awesome!

  8. Hello, Alea!
    I heard from Allie that you design book covers (and you do an incredible job!). I'm about to publish my debut novel, Shadows, and I would like a cover better than the one I created myself. I'm not a cover artist. ;)
    Would you be interested in designing a cover for it?

    1. If so, please email to mistythewriter@gmail.com.


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