Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is what every writer loves!  They love to just feel the words flow onto paper because something gave them a new great idea to put in their novel, short story, poem, etc.  Maybe even a plot idea for a novel.  It can come at any time, from anywhere...so be prepared!

Here are some things that I find inspiring and I will explain why:

Music is very inspiring for me!  It can be a movie soundtrack, classical, or Christian music.  When I write, I usually listen to movie soundtracks.  When I'm writing fantasy, I typically use either Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia.  IF I'm writing something like a spy story or about an undercover mission or something like that, the soundtrack for National Treasure works perfectly!  Sometimes I will need a song that fits a perfect mood.  So, if I wanted to write about somebody celebrating about something or is really excited about a vacation or something, I would pick something upbeat like I Feel So Alive by Capitol Kings, Fix My Eyes by For King and Country, or Do Life Big by Jamie Grace.

Movie Trailers
Yes, you read right.  I did say movie trailers.  Movie trailers raise questions.  What is going to happen?  What is going on here?  The music is fabulous!  Movie trailers, particularly trailers for fantasy, or for the genre I'm looking to write.  After watching one, it usually will either inspire me to write a scene in my current WIP or give me a new novel idea!

Other Books
You have to be careful with this one.  You want to be able to come up with your own ideas, not copying the books you read (unless its a fanfiction story).  Sometimes, I get so caught up in how amazing the book was that I just can't write.  So, what this one inspires me to do is to become a better writer, not the ideas itself for a novel.

Pictures can inspire story ideas.  Some writers hold contests and a picture is the writing prompt.  Some pictures are story starters.  Like one that I saw where there was a girl in a wedding dress (that's what it looked like, anyways) and she was tied to a tree with a blindfold.  It arose questions which could have developed into a story, or a scene for a story.  Its pictures that almost say "Tell my story!"

Think about it: What inspires you?

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