Just a Fun Little Thing

Earlier today, Hannah, author of the blog The Writer's Window, posted a fun little scenario and tagged whoever wanted to do it.  :) I thought that it was really neat, so I decided to do it!

1. Your brother (you know, the one whose a super genius and makes Einstein look like a toddler) has just created a fantabulous new invention: It can bring fictional characters to life!  While trying to come up with a practical use for this, he realizes your birthday is tomorrow.  So he tells you he will bring your favorite character from your favorite book/movie to life for one day.  Who is the character you'll pick, what they are from, and what do you plan to do with your day together?

I would pick Jace from the book Resistance by Jaye L. Knight.  He is a half ryrik, half human from Ilyon.  Hmm...what would I do with him all day?  Well, first, I would have to ask him how he got to be half ryrik, since ryriks are typically bloodthirsty beings...especially to women.  Then, I would probably make a movie with him in it!  Maybe even make Resistance into a movie with him.  :)  This is sooo going to be the BEST DAY EVER!

2. Things are going pretty well.  You leave the room for a minute, and when you return . . .  your guest is gone!  You begin searching for them, and while at that your brother comes running up.  He tells you that his machine has malfunctioned, bringing to life the villain from your favorite book/movie.  And, well, they kind of kidnapped your favorite character.

Uh oh...   Lord Daicen from Resistance!  How could you ruin my perfect day with Jace?!?! *glares at my brother's machine*

3. Action must be taken.  You rack your brain, trying to figure out what to do, and then you remember -- your brother's machine!  You can materialize anyone you need to help you track the villain down!

Hmm...materialize anyone I need... *smiles mischievously* I think that I will bring to life Kyrin from Resistance, Sirion from The Makilien Trilogy, Legolas from Lord of the Rings, and Captain McHenry from the Pirates and Faith series.  Kyrin because she is brave, loyal to friends (I hope she considers me as one!), and just plain awesome!  Sirion because he is half elf, which enhances sight and hearing, and is a wonderful sword fighter.  Legolas because he is an elf and has marvelous aim...and best of all...never runs out of arrows!  Captain McHenry is a great choice just in case we need to track Jace and his kidnappers on a ship.  He is also good with both a sword and a gun and is a strong Christian.

4. You set off, dragging your brother along behind you, and reach the villain's hiding place in record time.   When your group sneak in, you are met with a chilling sight: The villain is plotting world domination, making good progress, and your favorite character is strapped to a table with a pendulum swinging ever nearer to them.  (Talk about dramatic.)  What shall you do now?

Wow!  This is...interesting...  Poor Jace...  Don't worry!  We'll get you out!  First, Sirion stealthily sneaks over to the table with his sword drawn.  He slits the ropes, and Jace gets up.  Sirion hands Jace a spare sword and both sneak back to our hiding place.  Now, we need to stop Daicen from taking over the universe!  Legolas, with his flawless aim, pins Daicen to the wall by shooting arrows at his clothes.  Kyrin, Sirion, Jace, and Captain McHenry rush into the room and defeat Daicen's henchmen.  Meanwhile, Legolas and I rush over to Daicen, tie him up, and throw him into the cell that Jace had been in.  Perfect!

5. Huzzah!  You've got the bad guy and stopped the pendulum.  But now comes the time to say good-bye.  These lovely characters must return to their written life.  What do you say to them?  Thank them for their efforts?  Assure them that their stories end happily?

Really?  Brother of mine, must you make these totally AWESOME character's leave?  I thank the characters for their help and that it was really a pleasure to work with them!  I ask them if they would like to come back, much to my brother's dismay.  I have them sign the books they are in and then they leave.  This was the BEST DAY EVER.

I am tagging:
 Katie and Anna, authors of Cousins in Christ
Athelas, author of Red Lettering

If you don't want to do it, that's fine.  :)