Story Snippet and Title Reveal

As you all know, I have been working on writing a trilogy called The Mind Wars Trilogy for about a week or two now.  I currently have 8,016 words typed.  Here is a little snippet, just a very tiny piece, of chapter 2:

Chapter 2

I groaned, not yet opening my eyes.  My stomach churned for a few seconds more and then settled down.  Slowly, I opened my eyes.  Light flooded in and I shut them again.  I pushed myself up onto my elbows.  Once again, I opened my eyes a little bit.  Light came in, but I was more prepared.  Something hard was digging into my back, so I rolled over, looking at the floor of the stadium…or what I thought was the floor of the stadium.  But it wasn’t.  The floor was made of grass (I had seen some in the Park before) and there were trees around me.  Where was I? 

“Finn?” I called softly.  I definitely didn’t want to be alone in a time like this.  I looked around and saw Finn’s limp body a few feet away.  Was he…he…?  The question looked in my mind, hanging.  I didn’t want to think about that possibility.
Did you guys enjoy that?  It was an unedited piece, so please ignore any errors and/or awkwardness.
And now for the title reveal...
Death Like Sleep
Synopsis: "It doesn't matter.  Wherever you want.  You have about a million to choose from," I laughed lightheartedly.  Suddenly, my vision blurred and spots flew before my eyes.  The world began to spin.  Was this was vertigo feels like?  My heart pounded.  Was I dying?  I struggled to take a breath and my knees buckled.  My eyes closed and my head never hit the floor of the stadium.
When Lyric Valvo wakes up in a strange forest that she doesn't recognize (more due to the fact that she has never seen a forest), she and her best friend Finn are mistaken for runaway soldiers and treated harshly.  On top of that, Lyric has a strange attraction to sharp edges.  Could this be related to something that happened just after she was born?  How did she get to where ever she is?  Are the fabled Mind Wars real?
Well, you got another small snippet in there too!  You can keep up with my progress on The Mind Wars Trilogy on my WIP page!