More Editing...

*Sighs* At this point, editing is not something I enjoy doing.  That got old very quickly.  But, I think I am close to being done!

So, on with the steps!

3. Work On Your Characters
The next step that I did was make my characters consistant throughout the book.  I found a lot of things my MC said or did that was out of her personality.  I have had to change dialogue, actions, and sometimes switch something she said to another person saying it.

4. Do a Line Edit
I am probably not editing in the most efficient way.  At this point in my editing, I had no idea what to do next.  So, I did a line edit.  Of course, being the person that I am, I missed a whole bunch of simple mistakes I should have seen.

5. Have a Friend Critique It
I have been having one of my dear writer friends help me with this.  She has been so kind to catch typos, grammar issues, plot holes I missed, and general suggestions.  Google Docs is amazing for this step.  :D  And I have been adding scenes as needed here too.

6. Line Edit...Again
Now, I am doing another line edit.  I am rewording things, taking out phrases, and all out butchering my book.