An Update on My Book

Greetings, everyone!  I am here to update you a little on how I am coming along with my book.

First, a little bit about this book...

Death Like Sleep

The Building is just one of the provinces in the Confederation of Facta-est.  This technology filled safe haven is home to thousands.  But there are two people it can't keep safe.

When Lyric wakes up from having passed out, she finds herself in a forest with her best friend, Finn.  The two are found and mistaken for runaway soldiers.  For months, they train to serve the kingdom of Sylvae, until it is discovered that Lyric may be fulfilling a prophecy made almost 16 years ago.  But false prophecies can't come true...can they?

And now to update you on my progress...

I have gotten the first half of proofreads back from my awesome proofreader!  And the second half will be sent to her in just a few minutes!  Whew!  This has been a very long process, but so worth it.  :) I am very close to starting the publishing process (which excites me just by thinking about it!)!  I am not sure if I am going to self publish or publish traditionally, but as of this moment, I am leaning towards self publishing.  I have already created a cover for it using a very helpful post by Roseanna M. White!  http://goteenwriters.blogspot.com/2015/04/digital-design-how-to.html.

That is all for now!  *Scurries away to email the next part to my proofreader*

Have a blessed day!

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