In Which I Flail Over Captain America: Civil War

The On May 6, I went to go see Captain America: Civil War.  (No, I was not emotionally prepared. Yes, I had tissues in my pocket.)

On May 6, I also learned that it is possible to not like Bucky?  (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!)
This is what I have to say to you if you don't like Bucky.
Sorry.  (Actually, not sorry.) (Source)
Now on to the movie review..............................

The Characters

Steve Rogers

I have loved Captain America ever since I got into MARVEL.  He fights for what is good (no matter what), he loves people, AND HE STANDS BY HIS BEST FRIEND.  (Perfect human right here.)
*spoilers in white* He needed a HUGE HUG when Peggy died.  (I think I needed one too.)

Did anyone else think it was super random when Cap kissed Sharon Carter?  Thankfully Sam and Bucky's faces made the scene better.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky is precious and needs to be protected and hugged.  A lot.  Civil War has a lot of Bucky. (Specifically Bucky and Steve's epic friendship.)  I feel like we really get to know Bucky in this movie.  We better know what he went through and that he remembers all of it.  All the people he killed.  He doesn't want to be The Winter Soldier.  He is scared because everyone wants to kill him. DID I MENTION HE NEEDS A HUG?

Tony Stark

The character development of Tony Stark in Civil War was amazing.  We got to see a vulnerable, PTSD-plagued Tony.  This movie broke him.
Look at his face.  Does he not look worn out?  Sad?  Broken?  He needs a hug too.

Wanda Maximoff

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT WANDA IS TERRIFIED OF WHAT SHE CAN DO?!  *spoilers in white* The first thing she does after sending Crossbones into a building is this:
She has to deal with the trauma of the fact that she can cause bad things to happen very easily.  She can also do it for good, but the thought is still there.  She couldn't save her brother.  She was a part of the reason that so many people died in Sokovia.


He is adorably awkward.  He has to get used to, well, life.  I'm pretty sure I ship him and Wanda.
Sorry...I couldn't find a better gif.  (Source)


Why does the actor keep changing?  I miss Andrew Garfield.  :( Still, Spider-Man was pretty great.  He has some of the best lines of the movie.
He says he can't come with Tony because he has homework.  His lines were perfection.

Black Panther

I might like him?  I'm still deciding.  I really liked his character development.  *spoilers in white* I especially liked how he realized he was wrong about Bucky, AND gave up his quest for revenge.  AND BUCKY MIGHT BE IN THE BLACK PANTHER MOVIE?!

The Other Peoples

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I LOVE ALL THE SUPERHEROES!!!

The Stuff I Liked

- The Avengers care about the safety of innocent people.  

In a lot of other superhero movies, the "heroes" tear up the earth.  This movie really shows the struggle of protecting the earth AND the innocent people.

- The Avengers don't want to fight each other.  

They don't want to be "the best superhero".  They are both fighting for something they think is right.  Tony believes they should fight under the government's control to protect more innocent people. Steve believes that a lot of governments are corrupt and that in order for them to save the world, they need to be independent of the governments.

- Stan Lee's cameo.  

Enough said.

- We got to see the Avengers broken.  

We know they aren't just people who save the world.  They are PEOPLE with the ugly privilege to bare the weight of protecting the world from evil.

- Bucky/Steve brotp.  I love this.


-Sam/Steve/Bucky friendship.

This is the exact moment when I accepted the Bucky/Steve/Sam brotp.
It's a thing, people.

-There are other things, but they are filled with spoilers.  :)

Stuff I Didn't Like

- Martin Freeman didn't have a British accent?  

It sounded like a different voice coming from his mouth.
There he is in the background next to Sharon Carter.  You're welcome.

- There was some language in it.  

For a review on the content of the film, I suggest you check out the review on Plugged In.  In the words of Captain America:

- Umm...nothing else really?


Have you seen Civil War?  What were your thoughts?  We're you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?  Feel free to freak out/flail/fangirl in the comments, but please indicate if your comment has spoilers.  :)


  1. I haven't seen it, but then again, I haven't seen ANY of the MCU movies!! I know, I really need to watch them!

    But I really, really liked how you put the spoilers in white!!

    1. You have to watch the MCU movies! (And Vidangel.com has a lot of them, so you can take out the bad stuff.) They are such fantastic movies!!!

  2. THIS MOVIE OH MY GOSHHHHSS *SCREAMS FOREVER* I cried so much, I am not emotionally okay and it's been almost 5 days since I saw it now. I am just. I am dead. I won't make this comment super long with thoughts because I already reviewed it on my blog but just YES THIS MOVIE IS PERFECTION AND WANDA AND CLINT AND BUCKY AND *DIES*

    1. YES!!! THE MOVIE WAS COMPLETELY EPIC!!!!! I still think about the movie all the time. :)

  3. I LOVED it! Vision was awesome, everyone was all.... awesome. *sighs* I wasn't too excited about a new Spider-Man, but i ended up really liking him. He and Antman are like kids on a playground. :D
    And yes, Stan Lee!
    ...and then Peggy. *sniffs* (I had no idea her first name was Margaret )

    Writing contest: http://reviewsbysoleil.blogspot.com/p/writing-to-unite-contest.html?m=1

    1. Oh Peggy......... *cries*
      I really love all the Avengers.
      I think I'm warming up to the new Spider-Man too. Him and Antman would be great friends. Lol. :)

  4. I... know absolutely nothing about Marvel. :P But EVERYONE seems to love and flail about it, so... I might be getting interested? :P

    1. I waited to get into it for a while because "I wasn't a superhero person." Now I'm completely obsessed. :) LOL

  5. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! LIKE OH MY GOODNESSS!!! I LOVED IT SOOO MUCH! Though it was really heartbreaking... #TeamCap all the way! If I wasn't team cap before the movie I definitely would have been afterwards! I saw it Friday and I am still thinking about it.. AHHHHH!!!!!!!! I haven't had a proper fangirl moment today, which is totally unacceptable.

    1. And I was one of those people who weren't the biggest fan of bucky before Civil War... I liked him, but he wasn't my Fav. But after Civil War?? OH MY GOODNESS! I love him!

    2. Yes, after Civil War you HAVE to love Bucky. :D

  6. You did a great job with the review, because I haven't seen this yet and you didn't spoil a thing for me :) I cannot wait to see it, though! My family went without me when I had to babysit . . . I am definitely Team Captain America, but the whole set up just makes my heart want to break for everyone. I am very happy to know that it is one of everybody's favorite movies!

    1. I'm glad I didn't spoil anything for you. Aww. :( That's sad you didn't get to go. Hopefully you can soon! TEAM CAP FOREVER. CIVIL WAR IS EPIC. There are a lot of feels but it is still a fantastic movie.

    2. Yay! That's exactly what other people have been telling me, so I'm guessing that Captain America doesn't die like he does in the comics. Because my siblings would not have come back happy from the movie if that were the case. *crosses fingers*


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