The Types of High School Writers

It's hard to find time to write in high school.  Goodness, I've written maybe 3,000 words since school started about two months ago.  But, some high school writers still find ways to write.

(Warning: this post includes a lot of sarcasm.)

1. The "English Class is Actually My Novel" Writer

This fortunate writer's parents decided that since writing is obviously their child's future occupation and the family homeschools, the child should learn English via novel writing.

2. The "Secret Study Hall" Writer

This writer uses study hall to work on his novel, but shhhhh, don't tell the teacher. Who needs to do science homework anyway?

3. The Lunchtime Writer

Lunch isn't for talking to real friends, it's for playing with fictional characters.  This writer uses her 20 minute lunch break to write.

4. The "Forget Notes, I Have a Plot Bunny" Writer

Math class is too boring and this shiny new story is blossoming in my mind.  This writer pretends he is taking notes, but he is actually writing another chapter. (Also he's probably praying that his teacher doesn't call on him.)

5. The Studious, Overcommitted Writer

This writer really wants time to write but has overcommitted herself to grades and extracurricular activities.  Also, she's too studious to prioritize writing over school.  (Also slightly terrified of failing.). This writer hardly ever writes.

What type of writer describes you?


  1. This week I wrote during Spanish, Math, and then after school before we left, so I'm all of it! XD I also plot bunny a lot.

  2. I'm number two and four! I've always been jealous of number one.. -.-

    Great post! XD

    -Gray Marie

  3. You're baaack!!!! *tackle-hugs*

    I am most definitely an over-committed writer. My grades are SO. Freakin'. Important to me!! And then there's acting on the side. *distant shrieking* I'll actually write someday soon! I promise! XD :P

    Great post, Alea! :D


  4. Ack, time. There needs to be four more hours in a day for studying + five more for writing/other activities. Ahhh, if only, right? I'm definitely a less extreme version of the fifth, although I really wish I could prioritize writing over school... *sigh* ;)

    ... And here I am, procrastinating studying for my exam tomorrow by leaving a comment about how I wish I had more time. Oh, how typical of me. :P

  5. I'm not even in high school any more and I'm still #5! (except... without the 'studious' bit... and with more 'procrastination'...) Okay, so I'm not #5... I do feel over-committed, but I have no idea what to!
    Jem Jones

  6. I've graduated and am working, so now I'm #3 - just trying to work on lunch breaks. But when I was in school, I was totally #4 - sneaking in little story bits whenever I could. :)

  7. My entire high school English career was #1, lol.

  8. I'm probably #5...but with work and family stuff. It's annoying.

  9. I think I am both 3! Though I'm done with secondary school, I used to write during break a lot. *And also read.* 😊

  10. I think I am both 3! Though I'm done with secondary school, I used to write during break a lot. *And also read.* 😊


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