The Elvish Pen - Episode 5

Hi!  Sorry I didn't get to post last week, some things happened that prevented me from it.  So...without further ado, I give you Episode 5!

Episode 5

     "Daddy," Rox's voice wavered.  She almost smiled, but he remained serious, almost cold.  "What are you doing here?"
     "I'm sorry, but I have to ask the same thing," he words were like ice.  Rox set her jaw.  Of course, he doesn't want to see me.  Well all right, Mr. Elf-King, you can have your way.  Sudden realization set in.  I'm half-elf.
     "I am here because I walked into the woods around Mimi's house and got attacked by some goblin thing and then this woman here saved me and almost literally dragged me here," she blurt out, almost all in one breath.
     "I was hoping for a little bit better reason."  Rox's jaw dropped open, literally.
     "You mean that you don't even care that your daughter, whom you abandoned, is standing in your kingdom, right in front of you, was almost killed by a goblin, and now you're asking for a better reason for me to set foot in your palace?"  Rox's hot temper kicked in.  Some father...

Which path do you want The Elvish Pen to take?

Path 1: Rox's father throws her out, further breaking her broken heart.

Path 2: Her father apologizes for hurting her feelings and welcomes her into his kingdom.

Path 3: He explains that he was hoping she had come to take her rightful place as the princess.