The Elvish Pen - Episode 4

Episode 4

     "I said, take your hands off me!" Rox insisted more forcefully.  She stumbled, but kept her footing and moved on.  The elven woman made no reply, but brought her to a horse.  The horse was jet black with a long mane.  It pawed the ground.  Before Rox even knew what was happening, she was sitting behind the woman, who was riding bareback, and they were galloping away.  Rox's hair blew back and she smiled.  I rather like this... Occasionally, a tree branch scraped against her skin.  Finally, they ended up in a large clearing.  In the clearing were strangely shaped trees.  The were enormous in diameter and seemed to intertwine.  Rox gasped.  It was a city.  They continued to ride until they got to the gate and dismounted.
     "What is this place?"
     "Roxie, welcome to the city of The Elvish Pen," the elven woman announced.  Once more, Rox gasped.
     "H-how did you know my name?"
     "I have my connections.  Come."  The gate opened and they entered the bustling streets.  They made their way through the crowd until they came to the biggest tree.  They walked inside the huge wooden doors.  A person glided down the stairs.
     "H-how d-did you get here?" Rox breathed.
Which path do you want The Elvish Pen to take?
Path 1: The person who came down the stairs is Rox's father.
Path 2: The person who came down the stairs is Rox's grandmother.
Path 3: The person who came down the stairs is Rox's mother.