The Elvish Pen - Episode 6

      Today, Alea Harper has given me, Mickayla Jansen from Pencils Can Change the World, permission to write Episode 6 of the Elvish Pen.  Also, since the revote was once again a tie, I am the deciding factor.  Well, I know everyone is on the edge of their seats, and I must admit I am too, so here is the next episode.


Episode 6

       "Well, yes.  Don't you understand?  You are the rightful princess of this magnificent city.  We need you in these troubled times." The king announced. 
       "Troubled times?  What do you mean?  I am royalty?"  Rox gave a questioning look.  Great...  She didn't understand and no one was explaining anything.
       "Yes, but I cannot explain out here.  Follow me to my office."  He turned and Rox followed, with the woman elf behind.  They passed through many large and exquisitely decorated rooms full of elvish architecture.   Finally, they reached the office where they could discuss matters privately.  Another elf, who actually looked quite human as well stood behind the desk.  He looked not three years older than Roxie. 
       "Rox, may I present to you, your older brother and the rightful heir to the throne, Aiwin.  He too, is half - elf."  Rox gasped.  This is my older brother; I didn't even know I had a brother.  Mom always told me I was a single child.  Aiwin and Rox exchanged glances and then turned their attention back to the king.
       "Now, my princess, we are at war.  The goblins demand for more territory, and falsely accuse us of stealing from their side of the Elvish forest.  We have already received news from spies that they are gathering together an army of great numbers.  We need you, as a princess to be a leader, and Aiwin will stand beside you.  What do you say?" He gave her an encouraging smile.  "The Elvish forest needs you."
Ok, did you all like it?
Path 1: Rox refuses to become princess and runs away from the palace searching for home.
Path 2: Rox agrees to be princess and then asks what is required of her.
Path 3: Before she can answer, an advisor barges in asking for the king, because there is an emergency.
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