The Elvish Pen - Episode 7

Hi!  Sorry this post was posted a little late.  To be honest, I forgot.  Things have been extremely crazy lately.  Without further ado, may I present Episode 7!

Episode 7

Before Rox could answer, the doors burst open, and a man literally ran to the king.  He stopped just before he would have run the royal elf over.
     "Your...Majesty..." the elf stopped to catch a breath, "...we have just received word that goblins have attacked near the Eastern Edge.  They are close to earth."  The king looked alarmed, but not surprised.
     "Bring in my son," was the king's reply.
     "The Eastern Edge?  Close to earth?" Rox asked, utterly lost at these strange problems.  However, she didn't expect an answer from her father or this messenger person.
     "The Eastern Edge is where your grandmother's house lies.  Yes, you are no longer on earth," her father hastily replied.
     "I was there when they attacked that area, or rather, attacked me," Rox was beginning to put the pieces together.
     "You requested my presence?" Aiwin waltzed through the gaping doorway.  He was tall and muscular, with chin length hair and ears that came to a fine point, yet not as dramatically as his father's.  He looked astonishingly like Rox.
     "Yes, son.  The goblins have attacked the Eastern Edge, near your grandmother's house.  They are becoming more and more gold.  I fear they have their sights set on earth.  Our promise must be kept.  Prepare our men for war."
     "What?  Can you please explain just what is going on hear?" Rox, the odd one out, spoke up.
Did you enjoy the episode?  This week, I am not going to put the poll up, just because I know what direction I want the next episode to go in.  In the meantime, I have set up a Pinterest page for The Elvish Pen, so why don't you go check it out?