How to Get Back into the Swing of Writing

Most writers have taken a break sometime in their writing career.  I know I have.  But when I took mine, the planned one week turned into two weeks...two weeks turned into three weeks, and so on.  I knew after a week that I should come back.  But I didn't feel like writing.  I didn't feel like blogging.  Maybe you are feeling this way right now.  Here are some ways to help you get back into your writing routine.

1. Get yourself pumped up about writing.  Have your own mini pep rally in your pajamas at your desk.  Tell yourself that the faster you get this book done the faster it can be in print.  Find something that motivates you.

2. Set a start date.  I find this works really well for me.  If I don't feel like writing right before a NaNoWriMo event, I usually get over it the first day.

3. Set challenging, but achievable writing goals.

4. Listen to epic music.  Music inspires me.  When I hear something that inspires me, I just have to write.

5. Turn off Pinterest.  Pinterest should be officially nicknamed the Writer's Procrastination Sight.  Sure there is a ton of inspiration on there, but it can use up all of your writing time.  It certainly does for me...

6. Word wars.  This is probably my best piece of advice.  The writing community is one of the best things that has happened to me in my 1 1/2 year writing career.  Without them I would never have finished the first draft of my book and be halfway through rewriting it.  Thank you all!

What helps you get back into your writing routine?  Comment below!

Tally ho!  Cheery bye!  Until we next meet!
-Alea Harper


  1. When I'm not feeling inspired, I either listen to music, force myself to write... or procrastinate, lol.

    Nice tips, btw! :D


    1. Hehe :) I do the exact same thing! Most likely procrastinate...


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