What I Love About Dressing Up As A Character

I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE dressing up as my favorite characters.  There is just something magical about it.  For one day (or even part of a day) you can BE another character.

Just a disclaimer, this is not about a certain "holiday" that happens to be at the end of this month.  I do not celebrate this, I am just posting about dressing up.

Now that that's out of the way, I can continue.

So why do I love dressing up so much?

1. You can find others who like the same things.  (aka How to Make Friends 101)

2. It gives you an opportunity to show off an accent you have been practicing, if the character has an accent.  Because...why not?

3. You get to play with makeup and actually spend time on your appearance.  This is fun every once in a while.

4. You get to look crazy with no shame.  Isn't it fun to look crazy every once in a while?

5. You can dress up in a group.  Why not be all of the Avengers?  Why not be Parvin, Jude, and Willow?  Why not be Kyrin, Jace, Kaden, Trask, and Anne?  Why not be Eanrin and Imraldera?

Bonus Thingy: Guess who I am dressed up as today?

Okay, I'm done rambling now.  :) Carry on down your list of blog posts to read.  :)


Have you ever dressed up as a character?  Who was it?  What was it for?


  1. This is so fun! I don't dress up as characters a whole lot, but I've always loved dressing up.

    1. I don't do it often either...but it sure is fun!

  2. I do Kyrin because my hair is short like hers.

    1. Kyrin is awesome. :) I want to dress up as her sometime.

  3. I have only ever dressed up as a character once, but it was fun.

  4. Yeah, I like dressing up as characters (not that I do it a lot). It's fun. :D

  5. Alea, you know how much I like to dress up :)

  6. Are you supposed to be someone from Doctor Who?


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