Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee ||| A Deep Book About Spiritual Warfare and the Love of God

Recently divorced and mired in a meaningless existence, Clay drifts from his drab apartment to his equally lusterless job as an editor for a small Boston press--until the night Lucian finds him and everything changes with the simple words, "I'm going to tell you my story, and you're going to write it down and publish it."What begins as a mystery soon spirals into chaotic obsession as Clay struggles to piece together Lucian's dark tale of love, ambition, and grace--only to discover that the demon's story has become his own. And then only one thing matters: learning how the story ends.

This is one of the most well written, deep books I have ever read.

I started reading this on the plane back from Realm Makers. I started crying right there on the plane. This book has SO MANY FEELS. (The poor man next to me on the plane...)

The character development is amazing. Right off the bat, I am in Clay's head. Throughout the story we witness and feel his downward spiral into (spoiler inserted here). Lucian is developed as well. I haven't thought about spiritual warfare very much, but I certainly do after reading this. I never thought about why demons are evil. (I mean, I know why they are evil, but what are their motives? Why did they never turn back to God?)

The setting, though not really a major plot element, really came alive during this story. I got a feel for the surroundings, but in a natural way that really made the story come alive. It seemed to almost play a character in the story, if that makes sense.

Overall, I highly recommend this to older teens and adults
. It's a pretty heavy book and does deal with some mature elements like adultery, death (if you think this book isn't going to involve death, you are DEAD WRONG) and spiritual warfare.

Disclaimer: Since this is Biblical fiction, please read using your own discernment.  There are some fictionalizations. Tosca Lee provides a note at the back of the book on the Biblical elements, fictionalizations, why she wrote the book, and things like that.

Tosca Lee is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of ISCARIOT; THE LEGEND OF SHEBA; DEMON: A MEMOIR; HAVAH: THE STORY OF EVE; and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker (FORBIDDEN, MORTAL, SOVEREIGN). A notorious night-owl, she loves watching TV, eating bacon, playing Call of Duty and football with her kids, and sending cheesy texts to her husband.

You can find Tosca at ToscaLee.com, on social media, or hanging around the snack table.

Have you ever read Demon: A Memoir?  What did you think of it?  I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Im currently working on a novel about spiritual warfare. Ive had a lot of personal experience and interest in the topic, so it hits home quite a bit. I had heard of this book, but after reading your description....wow. first, I need to go pay my mass library fines (oops.) and then Im putting this book on hold. because that sounds incredible.
    thank you for the recommendation!!

    1. That's awesome, Faith! Spiritual warfare books can be so powerful. You should definitely read it.

  2. this looks like such an interesting book, i've never read any type of book based on spiritual things but it seems like such an intriguing topic.


    1. This was my first spiritual warfare book. It is very interesting, though a little scary because it is a very real thing!

  3. That book sounds very interesting, and unusual, I shall have to consider reading it some time.

  4. I tagged you ;) Mic's Room (http://lovelypinkduckshome.blogspot.com/)

  5. I've heard about Tosca Lee's books before, but never tried them. They sound good!

    1. I heard about Tosca for the first time at Realm Makers. Zac (https://ofbleedingpensandpages.wordpress.com/) first told me about it and then after going to Tosca's class on character development, I knew I had to read it.


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