What to Expect During a Pitch Appointment

So you have to do this scary thing called "pitching".  No, I'm not talking about pitching a baseball.  I'm talking about presenting your book idea to a publisher.  It sounds absolutely terrifying, but it actually isn't.  (Well, it's sort of scary, but not as scary as you might think.)

1. It's a conversation.

Before thoroughly researching how to pitch, I thought it went down something like this.

"So...here's my pitch.  (Blah blah blah insert pitch here.)"

It's more conversational.  You shake their hand, introduce yourself and wait for them to ask you what your book is about.  Then, you answer their questions and even ask questions of your own.

2. They're people too.

Yes, yes, I know they could further your career, but they are still created in the image of God!

3. Be prepared to answer questions.

This is kind of like a job interview.  They aren't just taking on a book, they are taking on you as well.  (If they choose to publish your book, obviously.)

4. Have questions for them.

You definitely want to have a good relationship with your publisher, so if you have questions, ask them!

5. Bring more than what they ask for.

If they ask you to bring the first three pages, bring the entire first chapter as well, just in case they ask for it.  Also, it is great to have more copies just in case something happens to your others.

6. Practice before you go.

This could be by yourself or with a friend.  Come up with questions the agent/publisher might ask and ask a friend (or your mirror?) to ask them.  Practice the conversation.  Make sure you know your pitch by heart.


Have you ever pitched your book before?  What was your experience like?  Any tips to add to the list?


  1. This is always such a scary-sounding thing to me. I've never had the chance to talk to a publisher/editor/whatever, but I can't even explain my book to myself so pitching is scary. But yeah I think it helps to remember that they're just people too.

    1. It always scared me before I actually did it. Obviously, I'll be nervous when I do it again, but not as terrified as I was.

      Yeah...I had that same problem. A good thing to do is look up how to write a pitch and sit down beforehand to figure it out. Write multiple drafts of it, then practice it.

  2. This is one of the reasons I really, really want to go to a writer's conference, just to have the opportunity to do it...yet IT SOUNDS TO TERRIFYING!

    Unfortunately, there aren't any writing conferences Down Under, so us Aussies have to miss out or go on a pretty big trip. ;(

    1. Awww. :( That's so sad! *searches for Christian Writer's Conferences in Australia* I found this one, though I didn't look into their beliefs or anything. http://www.omegawriters.org

      You should try and come to Realm Makers sometime! :)

    2. Yes, I really want to go one day. ONE DAY!

  3. This was AWESOME Alea, thank you so much! Very helpful *nods*. If only there were more conferences closer to Nebraska *sighs*.

    1. You're welcome!!! Awww. :( Maybe there will be some there soon!

  4. Aaaaahhhhhh!!! SO excited for you!!! What publisher did you pitch to???

    1. Thank you so much!

      I'm not going to disclose who I pitched to out of respect for the publishers. :)

      But you be sure to tell us when it is coming out!!! Please? Thanks!


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