Tips to Force Yourself to Write (even when you really don't want to)

Sometimes I have a difficult time writing.  I sit down to write, and I know what I'm going to write next, but I don't have any motivation to write.

Here are my tips to help you force yourself to write.

1. Set daily deadlines.

Instead of a far away deadline that allows for easy procrastination, set a deadline for today.  That way, you can only procrastinate to the end of the day.  I've been doing this for the past few days with rewrites on The Clockshifter.  I try to write a little bit in the morning and finish up my 1000 words right before I go to bed.  Obviously, that's different on weekdays because I am not going to get up extra early to write before school.  (I'm so not a morning person.)

2. Love your keyboard.

I just got a new computer and I am in love with my keyboard.  It allows my fingers to fly across the keyboard almost as fast as my brain can think of the right words.  Having a good flow of thought to page really helps you get in the storytelling mood.

3. Be ready to write a little by hand throughout the day.

Sometimes at school, I get a random piece of inspiration and I must jot down a scene.  I can type it up later.  Also, it does give your routine a bit of a shake-up, which can eliminate some writer's block.

Do you use any of these tips?  Do you love your keyboard?  Have any other tips?  Please share them below. :)


  1. I know that daily deadlines really help me. I haven't heard the keyboard tip before! But yeah, that is totally true. I type so much better on my laptop than I used to on my family's chunky computer keyboard!

  2. COOL. I also just got a new computer! *fist bump*

  3. Actually, I hardly ever feel like not writing. Because it has been a habit of mine to write before bed for over 6 years, my brain just automatically clicks into writing mood when I pull my laptop out.

    Every now and then, of course, I actually don't feel "into" it. This is usually fixed by setting a timer and making myself write until the timer is off. Then I get a small reward (YouTube video, or a few pages of reading). Usually I get into the mood after writing for a few minutes.

    If my brain is tired, I either skip writing for the night and go to bed early, or just read some of my story. Maybe fix a few typos.

    But having a keyboard you love is SUPER HELPFUL

  4. Daily deadlines are a must for me, but you also have to give yourself grace or you'll burn out. I'm definitely in the burned out phase. I kept a routine pretty strictly for many years.

  5. I think a daily deadline would definitely help me... I mostly need to prioritize writing a bit higher, probably. I tell myself I'm catching up on jobs and stuff, so I can then focus on writing, but cleaning out my inbox turns into browsing Pinterest... :/
    - Jem Jones

  6. Typing seems so much easier than pen writing, but I love and prefer writing with a pen, on a book(a pretty journal at that☺)


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