End of the Year Wrap-up + New Years Resolutions

2017 was a year of growth for me.  It was the year which I think I sort of "found myself."  Yes, I know that has a lot of weird connotation, but it's true.  I found my identity in Him.  I definitely struggled a lot, but God helped me overcome those struggles.


  • I got a literary agent!
  • I overcame a lot of fear.
  • I conquered depression.
  • I met Hosanna Emily in person!  (On Tuesday, actually!)
  • I went on a mission trip to Peru.
  • I developed my writing and graphic design skills more.
  • I found the college I want to go to.
  • I wrote the first draft of another book.
  • My trip to Peru pushed me toward Christ.


  • Finish The Clockshifter revisions.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get an internship at a graphic design company.
  • Go to college.
  • Write/edit more books.
  • Grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord.
  • Go to Realm Makers.
  • Read more.
  • Post here regularly.  (Sorry this blog has been falling to the wayside lately!)
Someone please force me to accomplish these goals.  :)

What are your 2017 highlights?  What are your resolutions for the new year?


  1. sounds like you've had an amazing year!! congratulations on everything, and good luck with your resolutions!! also peru WOAH that sounds so awesome!! it's definitely high on my list of places-i-want-to-travel-but-probably-never-will :P

    here's to any amazing 2018!

    ~ noor

  2. Whoa, sounds like a great year, I think. And here's to a great 2018 as well! *raises mug of forgotten-and-now-cold-hot-chocolate*

  3. I MET YOU IN PERSON!!!! *hugs all over again* What an amazing year God gave us! =) Isn't He awesome?! I'm so proud of how far He's brought you this year and so thankful that He opened a door for us to meet. ♥

  4. congratulations on a successful 2017 :) I hope this next year is just as good to you

  5. Wow, congrats on a wonderful 2017!! And thank you for linking your “I got a literary agent” post, I don’t know how I missed that earlier in the year! I’m currently about to step into the querying boat myself, so it was really encouraging to read! (Also that you were so young when you started, too... the book I’m trying to query has been through many a draft since I started at 14 as well.) ^.^

  6. Those are some excellent resolutions. And I'm glad to hear you overcame depression and fear! God is good - I need to entrust Him more fully with my life, because He provides strength.

    I hope 2018 is a great year for you, Alea!
    Jem Jones


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