Hello everyone! You may notice a couple of things. First, I haven't posted anything in MONTHS (yes, I'm still alive). Second, it looks a little different around here.

Why is that?

Well, I'm doing a big of rebranding. I've had this little blog since I was in middle school...so it's pretty old. It's gone through a lot of growth in both writing and design (throwback to when I couldn't write anything more than a few sentences on some writing tips I barely understood myself). Now that I'm older and busier, blogging doesn't fit my lifestyle as much anymore. To be honest, I have trouble coming up with things to say and finding the motivation to write them in my spare time. Right now, I have things that interest me more than blogging.

And that's okay.

It's okay to grow and to change. Now I find myself more actively creating content on other platforms like Instagram.

So what's going to happen to this blog?

This blog is now going to be more of an author website than an active blog. Don't worry, all of my embarrassing middle school posts will still be here for your enjoyment. And occasionally I will update this blog on various happenings (like if I sign a book contract!) or if I'm struck with inspiration for a post.

Now, for the announcement that I promised you!

Unfortunately, it doesn't involve a book contract. BUT, it's still something super exciting!

I fell in love with graphic design a few years ago and have been creating book covers ever since! I've made covers for several published books, so I figured it was time to start a business!

If you're interested in my designs (or just want to check out my shiny new page), please head over to my Design Services page by clicking here!

Tell me what's been happening in your life recently! Do you have any exciting announcements to share? Please comment below!


  1. asdfkjaodjaln SO EXCITING!! YOUR COVERS ARE STUNNING and I'm so pumped for you!! also ahhhh your instagram is. so. gorgeous. AND UNIQUE. no exciting announcements from me except that I get to go on an overseas vacay in September XD

  2. Just had to pop in and say your cover designs are STUNNING.

  3. That is so exciting. Your covers are so beautiful!! <3


  4. Thank you so much for a wonderful cover. Love the design and finished, professional look! Thanks for working with me and for your suggestions and hard work. FIVE STARS!

  5. aww this is so exciting! much like you, I've had my blog since middle school and had to do the entire re-branding thing once I became an adult. its rough. hahaha. but its a beautiful transition. I'm happy for you! the blog looks great :)

  6. Definitely love your blog, so inspiring.I am Following now!


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