My First Book - Part 2

Yesterday I posted what my first book was, word for word, including the pictures I drew as a 5 year old to go with it.  Today, I have rewritten it!  Which do you like better?  Vote on it above the About Me section on the right side of the Web Page.  If you are reading this post through email, please go to the bottom of the post to see the directions.  :)

     It was July 21, 2014.  It was hot.  Too hot to be outside.  I attempted to brave the humidity, but after five minutes, my clothes were soaked through with sweat.  Yes, hot was an understatement.  With the outdoors absolutely not an option, I was left with nothing to do but play on my computer, but I was bored with that already.  I needed some fresh air.
     I laid back on my bed, staring at the fan going round and round, creating an artificial wind.  Oh, did I forget to mention that I was home alone?  That's king of important to my tale, just so you know.  (This is the spot where I would have put a smiley face, but its a piece of writing and those aren't allowed...or so my teacher told me...)
     Suddenly, in the midst of the bored silence, I heard a noise.  Normally, I would've paid no heed, but I was home alone.  The sound was like wind chimes, the thing was that my family didn't own any wind chimes.  I bolted upright and peered cautiously out of my blinds.  My mouth dropped open.  What I saw out of that window was absolutely, positively not my backyard!  There was really tall, beautiful green grass that flowed in the wind like silk and really tall trees.  There were also flowers, which people were picking.  Upon closer observation, I noticed that the people had wings!  I shut my eyes and then opened them, to make sure that my eyes weren't going wacko, and when they still had wings I pinched myself a dozen times or so.  I am so dreaming, I thought.
     Without any more delays of my gawking, I opened the window and slid outside.  I turned around to close the window.  The house was gone.  Uh-oh...
I just realized that this story should probably take up 2 posts instead of just one, just because of the length.  :)  Do you like it?
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