My First Book - Part 3 Among Other Things

Before I begin my story rewrite part 2, I want to announce that Go Teen Writers is having a giant Word War this weekend, starting today!  In the comments, there are word wars going on all of the time!  It's awesome!  So if you want to get some words on your novel and be encouraged by fellow writers, definitely "come on out"!  Who knows, you may word war with me.  ;)

Another thing is that I would like to start posting some writing prompts and story starters.  My mom recently found a whole bunch of prompts when she was organizing so I may post a few of those!

And now for Part 2 of The Fairy Story......

     "Umm...hi.  You probably don't know me but..." I trailed off, feeling extremely awkward.  Both of the fairies turned around.
     "What are you talking about?  Of course we know who you are!  You're Talmund's daughter, aren't you?" the taller fairy replied.  I chuckled nervously.
     "N-no.  I am a human."  The look they gave me was quite comical, as if they didn't understand the concept of "human".  "Human.  As in flightless fairy."  I made sure and sounded out the word "human" for them.
     "Well, that sounds an awful lot like a fairy to me."
     "Fairies fly, humans don't," I responded.
     "Fairies can't fly.  Our wings aren't strong enough," the taller one spoke up, clearly as confused as I was.
     "Fairies who can't fly?  Well that is just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!"

Look for the next part next week!