My First Book - Part 1

Hello!  Today I am going to share my first book with you.  I think I was about 5 or 6 years old when I wrote it and it is very horrible!  It is about 2 fairies, Fairy Megan and Fairy Anna.  Very original, I know.  (Can you see the sarcasm in there?) ;)  I actually bound the book using a tool by Binding Books Beautifully!  So, here is my first book called The Fairy Story.

Once upon a time, there were two fairies named Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan.  They were twin sisters and they were three.  They could not fly because their wings were not sturdy yet.  They had a little fairy cat, who had cute little wings.  Her name was Fairy Heart.  She could fly, just like all the other fairies, except for Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan.
Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan lived in Fairy Land.  It was a beautiful land!  There were many trees, beautiful grass, and flowers, which they liked to pick.
The fairy houses were in the trees.  Each house had the fairy's name on it.  The twins had a ladder to get to their house, because they could not fly.
One day, all of the fairies came out to play.  They played Fly Tag.  Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan tried to fly, but they could not.  They felt sad.
They went back to their house.

         Fairy Megan said, "Hey, Fairy Anna, why don't we go talk to a butterfly and maybe she will teach us how to fly."   "That's a great idea," said Fairy Anna to Fairy Megan.  Fairy Heart went along with them.
 So, they walked and walked and walked until they got to a butterfly.  She lived in a garden.
Fairy Megan said, "Can you teach us how to fly?"
"Yes, I can teach you two fairies how to fly," said the butterfly.  The butterfly took them to a mountaintop.  Then, she jumped and flapped her wings to show them.  The twins held hands, flapped their wings, and jumped.  They started falling.  The butterfly flew down under them and caught them.  Then, she flew the twin sisters to her garden.
Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan said, "Thank you for helping us.  Good-bye!  Good-bye!  Good-bye!"

Then, they did not have to go too far to look for an owl who could talk.  The owl took Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan up to his tree.
Fairy Anna said, "Can you please teach us how to fly?"

"Yes," said the owl.  He took them to the edge of the bough.  Then, he showed them how to fly and said, "See, I can fly.  Now, you try."  Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan jumped off the edge of the tree and flapped their wings.  Then, they fell again.  The owl swooped down and went under them, and he caught them.  Then, he took them down to the grass.
The twin sisters said, "Thank you for trying to teach us how to fly.  Good-bye!  Good-bye!  Good-bye!"
Then, they walked until they got to Fairy Land, where the fairies were still playing.
Fairy Anna said to the other fairies, "Excuse me!  Can you please make our wings sturdy?"
"Yes," said the fairies.  Then, the fairies took out their magic wands.
The Magic wands said, "Poof!"  Then, Fairy Anna and Fairy Megan tried to fly and they could.  The magic wands did it!
They said, "Thank you for making our wings sturdy!"  Then, to celebrate, they all played Fly Tag, including Fairy Heart.
The End!
Wasn't that cute?  Tomorrow, I am going to rewrite it and post my rewrite.  I wonder how it will turn out...