The Elvish Pen - Episode 8

Episode 8

     "I'll explain later," Aiwin replied.  Then, he turned back to his father and the man who was with them.
     "Is there some connection between my grandmother and you guys here that I need to know about?" Rox asked, a little frustrated.  She placed her hands on her hips and glanced at her brother, then her father, and finally at the random messenger.
     "Okay, why don't we go for a walk while Father makes war preparations?"  Rox nodded in acknowledgement.  Then, the two of them left the room.  They walked out of the doors and into the wooden city.
     "Can you please fill me in?"
     "Yes," her brother gave her a quick smile.  "Your father came to your world and met your mother. Then, they got married.  He was not next in line for the throne at the time.  The heir was killed by goblins and he had to leave your mother, along with you.  Ever since, we have been sworn enemies of the goblins."
     "And upon leaving Mom he promised to always protect the border.  This makes a lot more sense now."