Writing Tip: Outlining

On Saturday, I learned a very important lesson: outlining can be extremely helpful.  Before, I was totally opposed to it, but now, not as much.  Not only will it help me keep the pacing in my novel so that it doesn't end up only 20,000 words long, it will help me know what to write in each chapter!

First, let me give you the reasons why I didn't like to outline before.

1. Writing down exactly what was going to happen made me feel like all of my ideas were on paper so there was no point in writing the novel.

2. It didn't give me too much creative freedom.

3. I wanted to just write wherever my brain took me!

How did I overcome those dislikes? 

- I wrote down a starter for each chapter.  For example, I might put Chapter 7-"I won't do as you say."  It starts the action, but I know what needs to happen by the end of the chapter, which needs to be at least 2,500 words.

- With what I did to outline, it gives me plenty of creative freedom!

- I can write wherever my brain takes me as long as I reach a certain point by the end of the chapter.

I hope this helps you in your writing journey!

God Bless,
Alea Harper