A Word of Advice to Any Writer...Especially NaNoWriMoer

Greetings everyone!  I had some excitement today...some negative excitement.  My computer lost 7,000 words of my finished novel.  I was going to cry!  Thankfully, I had it uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive and it was saved there.  Immediately, I emailed it to myself and saved it to a flash drive.    So, here are my words of wisdom:
Here are some ways to help you do this:
-Copy and paste the text into an email and address it to yourself
-Purchase a flash drive.  Here is a link to one you can buy: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Toshiba-8GB-TransMemory-USB-2.0-Flash-Drive-White/24955389
- Save it as a OneDrive file on your Windows computer.
- Back it up on a hard drive.

Take it from me, you WANT do this!  You do not want to lose your novel or almost lose it!  Please back up your novel!!!!!!!