Snippet from "Death Like Sleep"

Here is a snippet from my WIP (work in progress), Death Like Sleep.
Chapter 1
"Are you comfortable?" The woman with the perfect blonde hair I had always remembered asked.
"Yes, ma'am," I replied before readjusting myself in the bright white lounge chair.  The paper covering crinkled.
"This may pinch for a second," the woman said, her voice buttery.  "Turn your head for me."
I turned away from her and pulled back my chocolate colored hair, revealing a small square where there was no hair, only a black chip.  A small pinch ensued as she connected a wire to it.  I bit my lip.
"All done, Miss Valvo.  Now, what music would you like to listen to?" She brought me some headphones.
"Soft, calming music, I think."
"Okay, put these on." She handed the headphones to me and flipped a switch.  Sweet music filled my ears.  I closed my eyes.
"A little review," the smooth voice of a man asked.  "Who is the ruler of the Confederation of Facta-est?"
"Vladimir Fang," I replied.

That's all I have for you.  :)  Please do not post this work anywhere else or say that it is your own work. 

Here is some more information on Death Like Sleep

Title: Death Like Sleep
Date Started: July 21, 2014
Date Finished First Draft: November 3, 2014
Statues: Editing
First Draft Word Count: 20,463
Time Spent Editing: 1059 minutes
Genre: Science fiction/fantasy
"It doesn't matter.  Wherever you want.  You have about a million to choose from," I laughed lightheartedly.  Suddenly, my vision blurred and spots flew before my eyes.  The world began to spin.  Was this was vertigo feels like?  My heart pounded.  Was I dying?  I struggled to take a breath and my knees buckled.  My eyes closed and my head never hit the floor of the stadium.
When Lyric Valvo wakes up in a strange forest that she doesn't recognize (more due to the fact that she has never seen a forest), she and her best friend Finn are mistaken for runaway soldiers and treated harshly.  On top of that, Lyric has a strange attraction to sharp edges.  Could this be related to something that happened just after she was born?  How did she get to where ever she is?  Are the fabled Mind Wars real?

The synopsis is a work in progress on its own.  :)

Character Interview with Lyric Valvo: https://craftingstoriesinred.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/character-interview-lyric-valvo/