If You Find Yourself With A Case of Writer's Block...Write

Greetings, my dear readers!

Before I begin the actual post, I would like to thank my followers for reading what I put out there.  You are what keep me blogging.  Each time one of you clicked follow, I got very excited.  You have encouraged me a lot!  Now I would like to do something for you!  You can now comment here on my blog!

Thank you for being awesome!

Now for the actual post.

I don't know about you, but I seem to have writer's block...a lot.  Sometimes it's just creative block, I don't have the motivation to do anything.  I know there are so many blog posts out there that have suggestions, but I feel I need to put mine in the mix.

I find what works best is the combination of word wars and keep on writing.  Don't just stand there and wait for the road block to go away.  Write around it; over it; under it.  Oh, and an epic soundtrack helps!

Here are some of my favorites:
Soundfuel - This site has playlists for almost every genre!

How do you defeat Writer's Block?  What is your favorite writing music?

Tally ho!  Cheery bye!  Until we next meet!
-Alea Harper


  1. Yay for COMMENTS! So happy for you, Alea. :D

  2. I really like listening to soundtracks when I write. It's just quite amusing when the music doesn't suit what I'm trying to write and I suddenly realise I've changed from a celebration scene to a sad, solemn scene to go with the music!
    I often listen to Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Soundtracks. They're probably my favourite. :)

    1. That happens to me sometimes. :)
      I love those soundtracks too!

  3. I love the Narnia soundtrack! It is so awesome for writing /everything/.
    Also, yay for comments!



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