"A Time To Die" Review

About the Book
How would you live if you knew the day you'd die? Parvin Blackwater believes she has wasted her life. At only seventeen, she has one year left according to the Clock by her bedside. In a last-ditch effort to make a difference, she tries to rescue Radicals from the government’s crooked justice system. But when the authorities find out about her illegal activity, they cast her through the Wall -- her people's death sentence. What she finds on the other side about the world, about eternity, and about herself changes Parvin forever and might just save her people. But her clock is running out.

My Review
Oh.  My.  Word.  This book was amazing!  Please do yourself a favor and go read this book.  :)  There are so many things to fangirl...I mean review about.

I love the characters in this book.  They are so real and lovable.  It was really easy to relate to Parvin.  She has real emotion towards people and situations.  Her love is real.  Her hate is real.  Her fear is real. I appreciate that she isn't close to perfect.  She has times of doubt and impulse.  She makes mistakes.  Now I will move on to Jude.  Jude isn't a cookie cutter guy whose main purpose in the story is to make readers fall in love with him.  He has some major flaws and doesn't always save the day.

Everything Else
     That.  Cover.  Is.  Amazing.  
     The plot is awesome!  It is so very interesting and very unpredictable.  :) I love it!  I will definitely buy book 2 when it comes out!  Nadine Brandes, you have another fan right here!

About the Author

Nadine Brandes learned to write her alphabet with a fountain pen.
In Kindergarten.

Cool, right? She dealt with ink splotches before even knowing how to spell. She never decided to become a writer. Her brain simply classified it as a necessity to life -- like bathing, eating, and sleeping.

Nadine is an adventurer, fusing authentic faith with bold imagination. She writes stories about brave living, finding purpose, and other worlds soaked in imagination.

When she's not taste-testing a new chai or editing fantasy novels, Nadine is out traveling, finding new music, and pursuing active life.

Her debut dystopian novel, A Time to Die, released Fall 2014 from Enclave Publishing.