NaNoWriMo Is Over Halfway Over?

How is NaNoWriMo over halfway over?  Time flies when life gets crazy!

Last week was the craziest week of my life.  Life pretty much exploded.  Because of that, I'm about 13,000 words behind.

My Life:
Theater, terrifying experience, watching soccer game, sleep, journalism, soccer game, sister's birthday, journalism, sleep, mom's birthday, sleep, sister's birthday party, movie at friend's house, sleep, Church, house cleaning and other neglected stuff, dinner at grandparents' house, sleep.

Crazy, right?  Hardly any time for writing.  I'm thinking that I won't make it to 50k, so I am shooting for about 25k words, which I have done a few times before.

How is your writing going?


  1. Aww, well I wish you the best of luck in writing. If you want to word war sometime let me know.

  2. Best of luck! It really stinks when life explodes, especially when it's in the middle of November (doesn't the universe understand that novels are to be written this month?).

  3. Wow, that is a lot. Best of luck with the rest of NaNo! :)

    I'm doing okay. I'm a few hundred words behind, but I think if I get a few extra everyday, I just might make it to 50,000 by the 30th. :)



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