Why I Write My Books Like A Movie

My fourth grade teacher was the one who taught me to love writing.  Thank you, Mrs. Hunt, wherever you are!  She also had this one saying for when we were writing stories (or narritave as they are called in school.)  She would always say.

Write it like a mind movie.

It made complete and total sense.  It still does, actually.

So now, whenever I write a book, I watch the scene as I write like I am watching the movie.  I add camera angles, special effects, and color grading in my mind.  I watch it like a finished movie would look.  (And what do you know, it's EXACTLY like the book?  LOL)

1. It helps with character voice.  Picturing the characters and watching events happen in my mind just helps me develop unique voices for my characters.  It helps me hear their voices in my head and each one sounds different.

2. It helps me with description.  Watching stuff play out in my mind like a movie helps me picture setting in my mind just the way I want it.  (Can you tell I'm a very visual person?)

3. It captivates my attention to the point where I don't realize I am typing anymore.  Do you ever read a book and forget you are actually reading words on a page and then you go back to real life and think, "Who and where am I?"  I certainly have.  Watching a movie of my book while I write it is sort of like that.  (While editing The Clockshifter I sometimes accidentally refer to the character as myself.  LOL)

5. I love making movies.  If I don't have the resources to make the movie now, I can at least make it in my mind.  :)

Do you ever make a mind movie of your book?  Am I weird for doing this?  Comment away!


  1. YES. This is /exactly/ how I write! I always see my book like a movie playing in my head, sometimes so vividly that I forget to write certain things, because I forget the reader isn't in my head too. :p But yeah, if you're weird, so am I, lol. Because I've always written my stories that way.


    1. Yay! I'm not the only one! :) Sometimes when I'm writing I get to think that I am the main character. I distinctly remember one time when editing The Clockshifter I refered to myself as my MC. LOL

  2. This is an excellent way to go about writing! I've definitely shifted more towards this lately as it does help so much with description. I think I'm going to intentionally do it this way more, though, because sometimes I just need HELP. ;)

    1. I agree! It definitely helps to visualize something in my head. :) Good luck in all your writing endeavors!

  3. Hehe! No, you're not crazy. This is the way I see all my stories. :) I only wish the wonderful colors and characters and dialogue would cooperate when I go to write it all down. :P

    1. I see what you mean. :) Sometimes it is hard for me to transform the scene in my head into words that do it justice. :)


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