Book Review: Draven's Light by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Draven's Light was one of the books I received for Christmas and also the first book I read in 2016!  Here are my thoughts on this Tale of Goldstone Wood.

About the Book

In the Darkness of the Pit The Light Shines Brightest Drums summon the chieftain’s powerful son to slay a man in cold blood and thereby earn his place among the warriors. But instead of glory, he earns the name Draven, “Coward.” When the men of his tribe march off to war, Draven remains behind with the women and his shame. Only fearless but crippled Ita values her brother’s honor. The warriors return from battle victorious yet trailing a curse in their wake. One by one the strong and the weak of the tribe fall prey to an illness of supernatural power. The secret source of this evil can be found and destroyed by only the bravest heart. But when the curse attacks the one Draven loves most, can this coward find the courage he needs to face the darkness?

My Thoughts

Tales of Goldstone Wood is one of my favorite book series.  Naturally, I had very high expectations for this book.  I was a little disappointed.  It could have been a fabulous Tale...if it had been longer.  There wasn't enough time for me to really get to know and like the characters.  It was a little predictable (or maybe I am just good at predicting things).  The end did not satisfy me at all (no spoilers here).  *shrugs* It wasn't my favorite.  

One thing I must say before I go is that Draven is an epic name.  There.  I said it.  :)

About the Author

Anne Elisabeth is the award-winning author of the Tales of Goldstone Wood, a series of fantasy adventure novels told in the classic Fairy Tale style. She is married to the handsome man she met at fencing class and lives with him, a gaggle of cats, and one long-suffering dog in NC.


  1. Thank you for this review! I was considering getting it, but now I might read a few more reviews on it.

    1. You're welcome! You may really like the book, I just wasn't overly impressed with it. Please check out other reviews!

  2. Thanks for the review, Alea! I read this novella a few months ago and loved it, but I agree, it was a bit short.
    Ooo, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks Draven has an awesome name :).

  3. I really loved this when I read it last year. I wasn't really bothered by the length, so I guess it's just a matter of what you like. Personally I think it was pretty great. :)

  4. Draven. *nods* Yes, I like it.
    Sounds like an interesting book! Although I crave satisfying endings, so that's too bad, haha! Thanks for the review! :P

    1. I highly recommend the entire Tales of Goldstone Wood series! You probably want to start at the beginning, however, so you get a feel for the world and recognize some of the characters. :)


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