2016 Local Mission Trip Recap

Last week was absolutely incredible.  Actually, I think incredible is an understatement.  The guest pastor said that in all of his 54 years, he had never witnessed anything like what happened 2 nights this week.  But I won't get too ahead of myself... ;)

3 youth groups came together on Sunday evening to get settled in and worship.  That night, my youth pastor preached and got us all hyped up for a week of service.

Monday morning rolled around a little earlier than I would have liked.  (And there was a rooster crowing right outside of our window?). We ate breakfast, had a little devotion, found out our photo challenge of the day, and headed out to our work sites.

My team of 7 worked at a Habitat for Humanity thrift store.  For those of you who don't know, Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization who helps families have houses.  Proceeds from their thrift stores go directly into building those houses.

The first day, we cleaned out a couple of sheds and bleached them, and assembled bookshelves.  Assembling furniture is not nearly as easy as it looks.  And the Spanish directions appear to be more thorough than the English ones which have virtually nothing helpful.  Come on, people.

Please make better directions next time.  :) (Source)

The showering situation was...interesting.  We had a trailer type thing with 4 private showers.  We got 3 minutes to undress, shower, and dress.  That wasn't super fun.

Literally me when I went into the shower.  (Source)

That night, we had worship and went to bed.

Day 2 involved cleaning another shed, panicking about bees, finishing the bookshelves, and painting shelves.  I may or may not have gotten paint all over myself.  Actually, I think someone mistook my body for a canvas.  It's all good, Tesa. ;)

THAT NIGHT SOMETHING INCREDIBLE HAPPENED.  The worship service again...and God just showed up.  The sermon hadn't even begun, we just sang and He came.  Time disappeared and we worshiped Him for almost 3 hours.  Everyone was in tears.  Everyone.

THE SAME HAPPENED THE NEXT NIGHT AND ABOUT 30 PEOPLE GOT SAVED.  The guest pastor said he had never witnessed anything like that.  It.  Was.  Amazing.

On Day 4, we started some landscaping out by the thrift store's sign.  It was really hot, but it still felt good to serve others.  That night, we all packed into the vans and saw Finding Dori.

It was a pretty good movie, but the bet part was the entire youth group piling into the theater.

It stormed on Day 5, so we couldn't do much for the thrift store.  I felt more in the way than anything else.  We didn't really get sweaty that day.  (I may have painted myself...just a bit...)  Dinner that night was absolutely incredible.  Steak with corn, baked potatoes, rolls, and salad.  AMAZING.

A little while after dinner, we all gathered for a baptism.  About 10 people got baptized.  We had a worship service and then it was time for the end of the week dance party...90's themed.  We had dance offs and worship and a lot of fun.

Throughout the week, I made it my goal to be grateful and serve others as much as possible.  I find this carrying out into my "outside life" (I really don't know what to call it.)

Thank you, Jesus for an amazing week of growth, fun, and service!

Have you ever been on a mission trip?  What did you take away from it?  Where did you go?  TELL ALEA ALLLLL.  Lol.  Really, though. I would love to hear your thoughts. (I am not going to have Internet access for a few days, but when I come back I will answer all of your comments.)


  1. Wow! It sounds like your trip was very blessed and fruitful! That is awesome. I've never been on a missions trip yet, but I would love to go on one some time! :)

    1. Oh it was! :) You should definitely go on one!

  2. Wow, so cool!!! That sounds like an incredible experience. =)

    1. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

  3. This was so cool to read, Alea! And I agree with Hannah, it sounds like it was an amazing experience! I'm glad it went so well :).

    1. Thank you, Savannah! (Though I do hope I didn't go way too into detail.) ;)

  4. This sounds like it was amazing! I've never had the opportunity to go on a mission trip, but I really want to someday. :)

    1. YOU MUST GO ON ONE! It will change your life.

  5. Alea. Oh my goodness. This. post.
    I felt like crying when I heard that thirty precious, precious souls got SAVED!!!! I'm sure the angels are still rejoicing. =) PTL!!
    And that worship service. Man, what a powerful experience. That's going to be magnified, by like, infinite times in heaven!!!!
    Thank you so much for posting!

    1. No shame in crying. I cried too. A lot.
      I can't wait until that day!

  6. I worked a bit for Habitat for Humanity in Kentucky when I lived in the states. It was such a rewarding adventure and it really gave me a sense of purpose. I am thankful that there are people like you in the world.

  7. We did one where we had like a VBS for kids, it was really fun and the kids loved it!


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