Camp NaNoWriMo April 2018 Update

Camp NaNoWriMo is halfway over. *cue screaming*

I'm working on getting over my writer's block.  It went away at the beginning of the month, but it's slowly coming back.  I attribute that to the difficult scenes that are coming up (some including a bank robbery shhhhh).  Also, I'm dealing with pacing issues.  I know I can fix that stuff in editing, but I'd rather not have too?

Life's also been pretty busy.  No, Camp NaNoWriMo doesn't help with that, BUT it does make me feel more productive.  I know that I'm still a writer even if I don't write every day, but it's hard to believe it.  Camp helps keep me on track and feel like I'm being productive, even if I'm just barely plugging along at my book.

I try to write every night before I shower, no matter how late it is.  It helps me relax, and I write faster with sleep as my motivation.

In other news, I completed the Pride and Prejudice movie (which I turn in tomorrow!) and helped film and edit a book trailer for C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters directed by my friend Jessica.  Both were fabulous projects and made me realize how much I miss filmmaking.  (So, yeah, I'm planning on making another movie this summer!)

This month, I've had to learn how to say no (or wait) to things.  I really like doing things for people (especially if people ask me to do something creative for them), and I feel badly if I do have to say no.  However, I don't have time to commit to so many projects.  I've had to do that a few times this month and it's something I need to work on.

Word Count Progress

So far, I'm on schedule (by the time I post this, anyway).  At the beginning of the month, I wrote a lot more to give myself some wiggle room.  Sadly, I've used that up...

How is Camp NaNoWriMo going for you?  Are you on target or do you need to catch up?


  1. I honestly haven't even checked to see if I'm on track or not, because I'm so busy...which probably means I'm not on track, lol. But hopefully things are starting to settle down and I can catch up.

    Your filmmaking projects sound really neat! Wish I could do things like that. :)

    1. Yeah...life and writing goals don't always match up.

      Thank you! They really were neat projects. Filmmaking doesn't really take much to start. Just a camera and a bit of creativity. (Also there are a ton of youtube tutorials on filmmaking techniques.)

  2. I'm ahead of my goal, bc haha I made myself a really easy small goal. 10k XDD I'm trying to write short stories this month, and maybe finish my wip. I ACTUALLY FINISHED DRAFT ONE OF MY FIRST EVER NOVEL THE FIRST WEEK OF APRIL so I already consider Nano a success :DD

    xx lisa



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