Read to Find Jesus, Not Just to Find the Story

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been M.I.A. recently. That's mostly due to graduating high school and attending festivities related to that.

Anyway...on to the post.

A few days ago, I had a long conversation with one of my best friends, Hosanna Emily, and she said something that really stood out to me.

She told me to read my Bible to find Jesus, not to find the story.

That really got me thinking. You see, I've never really known how to read my Bible. I just kinda figured it was like reading a book, and Sunday schools always teach us about Bible stories.  People always tend to focus on the story instead of asking this question: What does this tell be about God? How does this point to Him?

Most Christians already know the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den and Jonah's story, but do we understand how each word points to our Creator? Now, I just want to pause and say that I by no means am saying that this is the tried and true method for understanding the entire Bible. Only God can reveal things to you, but I encourage you to look beyond the story and scrutinize every single word to find His truth.


  1. Wow. You have given me a totally different perspective. Thank you for this. I think this will definitely change how I read the Bible. Thank you, Alea.

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. I'm so glad this impacted you as much as it impacted me!

  2. Yes, Alea! Read to find Jesus, and He will let Himself be found. ♥ You inspire me, girl!

    1. Yes, He will. That's something I've learned over the past couple of weeks.


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