Does Your Main Character Need a Hobby?

Does your character sit around bored all day because you can't think up anything for him to do?

The answer is simple: Give him a hobby.

"But what hobby do I give him?" you ask.

I never said choosing a hobby was easy.  I should know.  Just a little while ago I realized my MC needed a hobby.  That was not an easy decision.  In the end I decided she would like to ________.  Sorry, no spoilers.  :)

Here is a loose guide to choosing the right hobby.

1. Think about who your character is.  Are they outdoorsy?  Would they like to do art?

2. How will their hobby affect the rest of the story?

3. Think about the time period of the book.  It wouldn't be very logical for a character in medieval fantasy to like to play videogames!  (Unless of coarse it was a book set in medieval times with modern technology.)

4. Choose the hobby!  Here is a list of some hobbies: http://www.notsoboringlife.com/list-of-hobbies/

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