"Veiled Rose" Review

Today I am reviewing a book I actually read in March.  Book reviews aren't my favorite to write, that is why i am reviewing it now.  Lol

About the Book

Rose Red trusts no one with her secret. She hides in the forest, her face veiled in rags, shunning the company of all save her old father and her nanny goat. Her life is bleak and lonely. Until she meets a privileged young man sent to spend his summer in the mountains. Leo, a lonely lad, befriends Rose Red, and together they begin hunting for the Mountain Monster which, rumor says, stalks these lands. But the hunt which began as a game holds greater risk than Leo supposes. Rose Red can scarcely guess at the consequences should he insist on continuing his search. Dare she trust him with her secret? Or tell him what dwells at the top of the mountain in the cave only she can find? Above all, when Leo asks Rose Red to leave the mountain and follow him to the low country, dare she agree and risk the wrath of a Monster that is all too real?

My Review
I love this book so much!  I absolutely love Anne's writing style.  She makes everything so beautiful and fairytale like.  I love it!  Rose Red is an awesome character.  She is so loyal, sweet, and loving!  Lionheart, well, he is awesome as well. He isn't a role model, but that is why I love him.  He grows so much (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).  Such a well developed character.  As for the plot...well...that is just intricately woven into a fantastic tale!  Ahh!  I just love it!  The beginning is a little slow, but is is so sweet it kept my attention.  :) If you read it you will see what I mean.  I was disappointed with the ending, but never fear!  There are more in the series!  A word of advice, however.  Read Heartless first.  The stories weave together.  You can read my review here.

About the Author

Anne Elisabeth is the award-winning author of the Tales of Goldstone Wood, a series of fantasy adventure novels told in the classic Fairy Tale style. She is married to the handsome man she met at fencing class and lives with him, a gaggle of cats, and one long-suffering dog in NC.