Creating Characters

        Creating characters can be extremely fun!  You get to see what they look like and find out what they like to do, where they were born, and even who they secretly dislike.  You get to have an insider look at the stars of your novel or short story.

        In the past, I have done different strategies with naming my characters.  One time, I came up with my name and then found a good picture of an actor or model.  Another time, found out what they looked like and then named them.  Find out which way works best for you!

        Here is how I created my main character for my current WIP (WIP stands for work in progress).

        First, I found a picture of an actor and I drew her from that:
        Next, I looked online for "girl names".  I came up with Lyric for the first name and then, when I had finished naming the 5 other characters in my book, I did all of the last names!

        Now is one of the best parts!  I gave Lyric the qualities that make her who she is!  I made her smart, but not very athletic.  I told secrets about her that not even she knows.  This will make her an interesting character that readers will want to read about!  Some things I write about her may not be included in the book, but it helps me know her better, and that is always a good thing.

        A book with boring characters is generally...well...boring-like a movie with bad acting.  Interesting characters are key and I hope that my process helps you!