Character Interview with Alynn

Hello again!  Last night, I had an opportunity to do a character interview with Alynn from "Faith", Katie Grace's WIP.  Click Here to visit her blog.

Who is your closest friend?  I tend to be shyer, that's just my personality. Since I'm not very outgoing, I don't interact with many people in my village. I spend most of the time with my sister, Enna. So she'd be my closest friend. *smiles*

What is your most painful experience?  I've had a few painful experiences ever since our village got raided. I suppose the most painful experience was when I hurt my ankle and broke it in several places. We had to put our journey aside while it was healing.

What is your first memory?  *deep in thought* I can't think of a specific first memory. I have always loved the dinner conversations I had with my family around our wooden table. Oh, and Enna's laugh when she was younger. It always started off quietly and then rose to a shrieking giggle. *laughs at the memory*

What is your favorite color?  Favorite color? *sits back in chair* I don't have a strong preference. A light purple is always pretty.

What are your favorite things to do? I know that you are a shyer person, so you probably do more things like reading or writing than interacting with other people your age.  *Nods head* You described me perfectly. I enjoy reading a lot. Writing... I have yet to get into that. Enna and I are too busy looking for our parents right now to do anything fun. *Bits lip*

What is your pet peeve?  *blushes* I don't like bugs. There were a ton of them in the forest of Caralel. It was disgusting; I even had a spider crawl on me! *shivers*

Can you think clearly in stressful situations? Or, maybe I should rephrase that. Were you panicking when you broke your ankle?  *blushes again* I like to take situations one step at a time, but when I'm scared or frightened I tend to not think things through. While we were camping in the forest I heard a noise amidst the trees. I screamed and ran away, thinking that it was some sort of hideous creature. Turns out it was probably only a rabbit and that caused us to lose half of our supplies. Enna was annoyed at me then.

Does your sister sometimes get on your nerves? I know younger sisters can do that occasionally.  *shakes head* I probably get more on her nerves than she gets on mine. I've taken over the mothering personality whenever she gets these absurd ideas ever since our parents disappeared. Of course she annoys me though, younger sisters are like that. Other than that we have a very good relationship.

You mentioned having meals with your family. What was your favorite meal that your mom made?  At Christmas time we always had this amazing feast of food that she always made. She cooked up chicken, biscuits, fruit, beans, and her apple pie that she is known for.

Do you want to get married when you get older?  *smiles and looks upward* Lord willing, I would really want that.

Were your parents Christians when you were born?  They were. It was really nice growing up in a Christian family. They were always so encouraging.

I bet! Thank you so much for agreeing to be on my blog post, Alynn!  *nods politely* Thank you for having me.

Every other Saturday, on Katie's blog, she will post snippets from her story.  Since she blogs with her cousin Anna, the other Saturdays have snippets from Anna's story.  I encourage you to check out their blog, Cousins in Christ!