Writer's Block and Point A to Point B Syndrome

Writer's block is a writer's biggest obstacle.  It is frustrating, annoying, and often comes at the worst times and hates to leave you.  What is writer's block?  Well, writer's block is when you can't think of what should happen next in your story. 

Recently, I "invented" another type of writer's block.  I call it Point A to Point B Syndrome.  That is where you know what is going to happen in your story, you just can't fill the space in between what just happened and what is going to happen.  You feel uninspired to fill in the gap.  This can be extremely frustrating.  I find myself having Point A to Point B Syndrome with my WIP, The Clockshifter.  I haven't started writing it yet, but I am trying to start it.

Note to Readers: It will be pretty quiet on the blog for the next couple of weeks or so.