I Fell In Love...With Writing


Have you ever watched a movie and thought about what would happen if something went a differrent way, or weren't pleased with the ending?  Have you ever read so many books that you felt as if you ran out?  Have you ever wanted to go to a diferrent world, but didn't want it to be known about, like Narnia or Middle-earth?  Have you ever been heartbroken that a book series ended?  Have you ever just wanted somewhere to set your creativity loose?  Where something can be molded exactly as you want it?  Where you can define your own genre?

If you are any of those, I would strongly suggest that you try picking up a pen (or turning on your computer) and writing a story!  You can write about anything you want!  You can make elves exist, people be able to ride dragons, aliens attack Earth, and a creature of your creation be found on Mars.

This is pretty much how my writing journey started!  In January of this year, I watched the movie "The Hobbit" for the first time.  Even though I really didn't know much of anything about Lord of the Rings, I wrote a fanfiction story out of it.  That is pretty much when I fell in love with writing!  Since then, I have written 3 fanfiction stories, one of which I am currently working on!  I am also working on a Beauty and the Beast retelling and hope to start my first novel soon, called The Clockshifter.

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God Bless!