From the Fandom Friday: Dear Nerdy Genius Sidekicks

Dear Nerdy Genius Sidekicks,
You rock. If you think for a second you are not cool, you're wrong.  You may just be our favorite character, or one of them, anyway.

Thank you for helping our precious Main Character in the tech side of the Quest!  Your inventions are the BEST, could you maybe give us some of them?  :)

Good luck in all your inventing endeavors!

The Fandom (represented by Alea Harper)


Who are some of your favorite nerdy sidekicks?  Comment away!

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  1. Ah, I LOVE NERDY SIDEKICKS. Some of my favorites are Cisco from the Flash and FitzSimmons from Agents of Shield. And Zane from The Safe Lands. They are all PHENOMENAL.



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