Introducing "Living Fearlessly: Girls on a Mission to Live Unashamed"

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a very special blog, Living Fearlessly: Girls on a Mission to be Unashamed.

Living Fearlessly is a blog for girls by girls on a mission to live unashamed for Christ!  We will be posting encouraging stories, inspiring quotes, and probably some funny stuff as well!

I am pleased to say that I am a part of their blogging team.  This blog is definitely worth your time.

I have with me here today 4 my 6 accomplices blogging partners, Shelby, Aubrey, Hosanna, and Karina!

1. How long have you known the Lord?

Hosanna: I became a Christian when I was around 7, but I think that I am still finding out the truths of what being a real Christian is...not just saying I am one. 

Karina: My whole life!

Shelby: All my life.

Aubrey: I have known the Lord since I was in 4th grade. 

2. Favorite food and drink?

Hosanna: My favorite drink is green tea, though I usually stick to just water.  My favorite food is a recipe called Lime Chicken with shredded chicken, rice, black beans, and topped with your choice of tomatoes, sour cream, onions or lime juice!

Karina: Favorite food: Apple crêpes; Favorite drink: tea (iced or hot!)

Shelby: Italian food and sherbert punch.

Aubrey: My favorite food is shrimp and my favorite drink is iced passion tazo tea.

3. Would you rather write or read?  Why?

Hosanna: Ahh!  I would rather do both.  I love reading...and do it more often than writing, but I super enjoy writing too, so I'll skip this question. =)

Karina: Read - as much as I can write, it's hard to think of ideas sometimes...

Shelby: Read, because I love to read.

Aubrey: I would rather read because I love being sent into a new world through imagination.

4. What inspires you?

Hosanna: My mom inspires me by her patience, loving heart and attitude.

Karina: Watching my instructor ride her horse.

Shelby: It can be anything from something I see, read, or hear.

Aubrey: My inspiration comes through my day dreams and thoughts late at night.

5. Where do you see this blog going in the future?

Hosanna: I really have no idea as of yet...hopefully something that can reach girls around the globe for Jesus!  It would be amazing if in the future we have girls coming on there asking us about Jesus and accepting Him!

Karina: Not sure... :) Wherever God wants it to go!

Shelby: I see this blog encouraging girls in day to day life.

Aubrey: I could see this blog going in 2 directions: 1- we will keep up the blog until we die or 2- we slowly forget about the blog and it sits forever un-posted on.

6. How do you encourage people?

Hosanna: I want to encourage people with my writing as I write novels, sending cards to people just to make their day, and trying to remember to say kind things to people around me.

Karina: I encourage people by being kind to them and supportive of them and by helping think through problems they encounter

Shelby: By just being there, someone to listen.

Aubrey: I encourage people through words, quotes, and ridiculous amounts of dancing and cheering.

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