"Ice Eyes" Story Snippet

Yes, I know that I am ignoring my taking a break rule, but I had to post something  before things get crazy to some of you who are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, I would give you a little bit of one of my WIPs, Ice Eyes.  Now, its part of my first draft and nothing too special (please forgive typos, grammar issues, bad writing, etc.), but here it is:

Chapter 1

I clearly remember the moment I discovered my ability…my talent.  I was 11-years-old at the time.  One morning, I woke up and in my sleepy state, I started to stare and concentrate my attention on my alarm clock which was going off.  I hated that thing.  Absolutely hated it.  Why exactly did we have to get up at like 6:30 to go to school?  I mean, it was so ridiculous!  Anyways, the alarm clock began to move.  I concentrated on it harder and began to move it with my mind towards the wall, with intentions to smash it.  When I finally figured out what I was doing, I set it down (using my mind).  Immediately, I got out my laptop and searched on what would happen if someone like that was found out.  The info I got was terrifying and I promised myself that I would tell no one about what had happened.
                For the next 8 years, my ability became an asset.  Cleaning my room was easy…even fun!  I could move the clothes scattered across my floor into the hamper like a dream.  I loved to move things with my mind.
               That brings my story to the day I entered ninth grade.  It was August 2nd and every year on the first day of school, all of the ninth graders (except those repeating ninth grade) were tested by special physicians.
                “Bye, Dad!  Love you,” I kissed my Dad goodbye as he unlocked the door once we got to the school.
                “Love you, hun,” he replied.  I opened the door and walked up the school’s front doors.  My stomach fluttered with anticipation.  I took a deep breath and joined the bustle of students.  I made my way to the clinic, where I was to be tested sometime that way.  About 25 other students sat in the waiting area.  Some were on the floor and some were in chairs.  All of them looked nervous.  None of the tenth graders would tell what happened during the testing session.  Trust me, plenty had tried.
                I sat down on the ground, waiting for my name to be called.  About every 15 minutes or so, a nurse would come out and call someone’s name. 
                The door opened and the nurse came out once again.  A death-like silence filled the room.  “Eira Paton.”  I stiffened and took a deep breath for courage.  Then, I got up and followed the nurse out of the room.  My heart pounded harder than it ever had before.  What if they find out about my ability?  My biggest fear stung my mind. 

               The nurse led me into a room with an examination table and left me with a doctor.  He had the most unusual eyes.  They were scarlet, but not unkind.  They deeply contrasted my bright blue eyes.
               The doctor smiled, “Hello, Eira.” He paused, staring into my eyes.  I felt like he was staring straight through me, seeing my hidden abilities.  I shivered once more.  “You have the most unusual blue eyes I have ever seen,” he commented.  Was this part of the testing?  It was true, I did have odd eyes.  They were a seafoam color that were so bright they almost glowed.  No one has ever been able to hold my gaze for more than a few seconds.
                “Umm…thank you,” I said a moment later, having found my voice.
                “So,” the doctor began.  “We are going to do a blood test.”  He got out a needle.  I winced.  I hate needles.  I looked away as he pricked the needle through my skin and into my blood stream.  He drew the blood out of me and put a band aid over where the needle had been.  I looked back over to the red-eyed doctor who was injecting my blood onto a microscope slide.  He then slid the slide under the microscope and looked at the blood sample. 
                My heart was still pounding madly.  I wondered if it was distracting the doctor from looking at my blood sample.  
               Suddenly, the doctor gasped.  I almost shrieked at the sudden intake of his breath.  Frightening thoughts raced through my head.  Unanswered questions plagued me.  My heart rate sped up, if that was even possible.
               After a moment of silence, the doctor spoke, “I’m going to need to test you a little further.”  I let out a huge sigh of relief.  He didn’t say I was a freak, so that was great news.

                “I am going to ask you to do something that you may not be comfortable with,” he began.  I gulped.  “Move something with your mind.”  Now it was my time to be surprised.  
               “Because your blood sample showed that you should be able to do it,” his voice didn’t sound irritated…it sounded understanding.  There was also a hint of surprise in his voice.
               “Umm…” I hesitated.  Should I lie?  Should I run?  Should I tell the truth?  “How do I move something with my mind?  Is it even possible?”  I sealed my eyes shut, contemplating the half lie that I had just told.
                “I think you know how.”
                “I’m scared to…” I breathed.  The doctor smiled a bit.  His eyes showed compassion.  It gave me an ounce of courage.  I took a deep breath and focused on the doctor.  I concentrated on lifting him up in the air.  And it happened.  He did not seem shocked at what was happening to him, actually he seemed pleasantly surprised.
                “Your Elven blood runs strong in your veins.  Most half-bloods cannot lift something so heavy.”  My eyes grew wide.
               “Elven blood?”
               “Yes.  Only half-bloods have abilities like yours, and all of them do.  But, you are the only one that we know of so far that is still living.  But there will be no more half-bloods after your generation since the Elves became extinct,” he cast his eyes down, as if mourning a loss.  Then, he lifted his head, smiling.  “Here is your school schedule.  Remember, tell no one about your testing and tell no one that you are a half-blood.  Keep your abilities a secret,” the doctor handed me a piece of paper.
                “But I already have a schedule,” I replied, not intending to be rude.  “And I’m sorry for lying to you.  I’m terrified of telling someone about my abilities.”
               “You have a new schedule now that we know you are a half-blood.  The nurse will now show you out.”
                I turned and walked out the door, the nurse showing me back to the waiting room.
              “Please go to your second period class,” she instructed.  “The doctor will now see Henry Davis.”
               I walked out into the hall and opened the folded piece of paper that the doctor had handed me.  It was directions to my class.  Evidently, I didn’t have periods.  I had one class all day called Half-blood Special Ed. 
               I followed the directions to the classroom.  The lights were on, but nobody was there.  Cautiously, I opened the door and walked inside.  There was a round table with about 7 chairs around it.  In front of one seat, there was a dry erase board the size of a sheet of paper.  Something was written on the board.  It said:
              As soon as I am done testing, we will begin our class.  Please, have a seat.
               I sat down and reviewed the contents of my back pack, pulling the stuff out without my hands of course.  Much to my delight, I had brought my book, “Resistance” by Jaye L. Knight.  I read for a while, I have no idea how long.
              The door opened and I looked up from by book.  A young man with strange colored eyes walked in.  They had every color of the rainbow in them.  His hair was a yellowish blonde.  His face betrayed his uncertainty.
              “H-hi,” I stammered.     
                “Hello.  Am I in the right place?” he looked around the room.
               “Did the doctor give you a piece of paper?”
                “Yes,” he handed it to me.  I opened it up and saw that it looked exactly the same as mine.
                “You’re in the right place,” I assured him.  I look of relief swept over his face and he plopped himself in a seat a couple down from me.  “Are you a half-blood too?”
                The boy hesitated, “Yes.  I can do these really weird things.  I can move things-“
                “With your mind.  I can do that too,” I finished.  “I’m kinda nervous about being here.”
                We remained quiet after that.  I went back to reading my book.  Two other students entered the room and then the doctor came in.
               “Welcome, half-bloods,” he smiled, his red eyes flashing with excitement.  “You are the first half-bloods we have had for about 90 years.  All of the other half-bloods have died.  You are the only ones in the world with the special abilities that you have.”  Silence suffocated the room.  “I am going to teach you how to use your abilities to your advantage and to stay safe.”
               At that moment, the bell rang.  The doctor (I still didn’t know his name) spoke, “Have a great rest of your day.  Remember, tell no one about your abilities.  I will see you tomorrow.”
               All 4 of us exited the classroom at once.  I noticed that each one had bright colored eyes.  One had bright blue eyes that looked a little watery.  The other had forest green eyes.  Do all half-bloods have eyes like that?

Did you enjoy "Ice Eyes"? After I finish Chapter 2 (Probably in August due to Camp NaNoWriMo where I will be writing The Clockshifter), I will probably post it.