How Reading Has Helped Me In Life

Reading has really helped me, in more ways than chasing away boredom (which it does nicely).  I have loved to read for many years and I consider it a privilege whenever I find a book that I a.)haven't read or b.) looks interesting.

1. Reading has helped me become very observant.  Now, I am naturally observant, but I think that reading has helped me sharpen those skills.  I understand what I observe better.

2. Reading has helped my writing.  This is actually one of the greatest benefits of reading!  I know what good writing looks like and I use it as a guide for how to write.

3. Reading has helped my vocabulary.  Oh, this is so true!  My vocabulary is huge from reading.  Need I say more?

4. Reading has helped my spelling.  When I see a correctly spelled word on the page of a book (or on my Kindle ;) ), I will usually remember it, or at least that it looks right.  Because of that, I know how to spell it the next time I write it.  Unless I blank...

5. Reading has helped my grammar.  Now, I'm not saying that my grammar is perfect, but because of reading books (where the grammar is correct...most of the time), I just get the feel for proper grammar.

6. Reading has helped my creativity.  Wow.  It is amazing how each book expands the possibilities in my mind!  For example, I recently read Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl (you can read my review by clicking here).  The dragons in the book were so different then I have ever imagined!  Now, when I think of dragons, one more possibility of what they could be like is in my mind.

7. Reading has encouraged me.  Now, this is usually if it is a Christian book, but I mostly read Christian books.  :)  Characters that shine for Jesus just inspire me!  I can't describe it...it is just encouraging.

8. Reading has helped me experience so many different things.  I feel like I have lived many other lives just by reading!  When I read, I just picture what is happening in my mind, just like watching a movie.  The words lift off of the page!  I found a picture on the Internet that describes this, but due to copyright, I am not going to post it.  :(

Well, I am sure that there are many, many more ways that reading has helped me, but this is all that I can think of.  ;)  Tomorrow, I will be posting a list of my favorite books!