Books I Want to Make Into Movies

Just incase you didn't know, along with being an aspiring author, I am also an aspiring filmmaker!  Since I love to read, I would love to see some of those be turned into movies.  And not distorted Hollywood films, movies that follow the book so closely that the dialogue is the same.  So, without further ado, here they are:

1. Resistance by Jaye L. Knight (The Ilyon - Oh my goodness, I SO want to make this into a movie!  it would have to stay extremely close to the book, though!

2. The Makilien Trilogy by Molly Evangeline - This will be quite...ahem...violent, but it still needs to be made into a movie.  And who cares if its as long as the LOTR movies, right?  :)  No detail of any book is unimportant.  :)

3. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart - I love these books and they would make great movies!

4. The Elsie Dinsmore Series by Martha Finley - Ah...perfect clean historical fiction... :D

5. The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson - I read this a couple of years ago and really liked it!

This list is definitely NOT limited to these titles!  I have probably forgotten some (I'm so sorry authors of those books) and not read some yet.  :) Have a great rest of your night!