The Elvish Pen "Trailer" :)

I'm about ready to kick off The Elvish Pen Readingvision series (I just made up a new word!) and I'm so excited!  In the meantime, let me give you the "trailer" for it!

Rox doesn't want to move in with her grandmother...at all.  She won't have any friends and she will have to be homeschooled because there is no school around...only trees, hundreds-no-thousands of them.  And the woods that go on for miles around her have a secret...  The adventure starts Monday, August 11th at 6am Eastern.


Hehe...that was fun!  Are you guys excited yet???  I have already "filmed" the first episode and am ready to click the publish button.

-Alea Harper (Director and Writer of The Elvish Pen)