Character Interview with Galatea

Hi!  Yesterday afternoon, I had the wonderful privilege of sitting down and interviewing Galatea from Mickayla Jansen's WIP, Galaxy Connectors.


Castilla leads a normal life in the Galaxy of Anaramus Galamuni Galactica. But when she does some more exploring for a history report, she ends up on a spaceship which is about to launch. Castilla soon finds herself in a galaxy she has never heard of or seen. On this planet, she meets a girl, Galatea, who could help her change the history of the universe. Could the government be keeping people captive on this unknown galaxy? And what about the rumor that a man is creating portals to connect galaxies?


Hi, Galatea! It is such an honor to have you here today! Could you tell me and the faithful readers of my blog a bit about yourself?

Well, I live on the Malucious Magnalus Galactica on the western side of the universe and am 16, born on October 2. When I was 10 years old, on my birthday actually, my parents took me out on a canoe for the first time. We were inexperienced and not very knowledgeable at this sport, but I always loved the idea. A storm soon rushed in and we all ended up in the water. *tear trickles down face* A gracious man named Mr. Weaver rescued me, put was too late for my parents. I never saw them again.  My house was soon burned to the ground and I now live with Mr. and Mrs. Weaver, but illegally. I am still being searched for just not as thoroughly as before.

Wow. You have quite a story there. What are your career goals for when you turn 18?

Well, I have not been to school since before the accident, so I plan on continueing my education. I would take any job I could get, really. Mr. and Mrs. Weaver's health are declining and I would like to get a well paying job to care for them and their medical needs, after all they have done for me. My dream job, hmm, probably being an engineer.

What makes you the happiest?

After all I have been through, I scrambled for something that cheered me up. But, what brings me the most joy is doing things for Mr. and Mrs. Weaver, they are like grandparents to me. *smiles in thought*

They sound like really neat people. :) What is it like living in Malucious Magnalus Galactica? (Did I pronounce it right?) ;)

Yes, you did, it is a handful to say. I as well as other citizens often call it MMG. ;) For me, it is hard to tell. I rarely ever go out in the public part of the galaxy but I remember pieces of it from when I was younger. Only the rich have private automobiles called cars. They drive themselves around where ever they are told to go. For public use, there are what we call pods, which are circular devices (that drive themselves) which hang on heavy wire. There are transportation centers all over the city, so all you have to do it walk to the transportation center and transport to your destination. All children go to school and get assigned after school activities at certain times. All adults go to work during the school and after school activities hours. Life is pretty normal around here!

Sounds like a pretty interesting place to live! Are you very social, or are you more reserved?

I am very reserved, because I never go out in public or else I would be living in an orphanage. Trust me, you don't want to live in an orphanage, they are like jails.

Oh my...I didn't know orphanages were quite that bad... What is your greatest fear?

Well, one already came true - losing my parents. My greatest fear, though, is being stuck somewhere I cannot get out of or escape.

I just can't resist asking a totally random question. ;) What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word "toast"? (Told you my question was random)

Watching flames coming out of my oven at my home where I lived with my parents. It was a horrifying sight!

Oops...I guess that I should have picked a little bit better random word...  Sorry if  upset you, Galatea.  :)  It was a pleasure talking to you and I look forward to reading about your adventure!


Mickayla Jansen is a homeschool writer who is just starting on her amazing adventure of writing. She is most interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, but is open to mostly anything. She has been very interested and excited about learning ever since she was little and very much enjoys sharing the love of her personal Savior, our Lord Almighty. Other things she enjoys doing are drawing, working with horses and dogs, and reading. Her first novel, "Galaxy Connectors", is a work in progress and she is excited to see what becomes of it!