The Elvish Pen-Episode 3


Episode 3

     "No way!" Rox jerked away from the mysterious elven woman.
     "Why not?"
     "Because you're a stranger!"
     "Your parents didn't teach you to always go with a stranger?" the woman asked.  Umm...no, actually, they taught me the opposite.
     "No...they taught me to never go with a stranger, anywhere," Rox emphasized. 
     "Well, unless you want to be attacked by yet another goblin, I suggest you come with me."  Rox thought about this for a minute, but common sense won out.
     "If you give me a weapon, I think I can manage on my own," Rox crossed her arms in a defiant manner.
     "Can you?"
     I hope so.  "Of course.  I have fenced once or twice." More like once, at camp where no one would die if they lost.  The elven woman raised her eyebrows and looked me over.
     "From the looks of you, I don't believe that you've ever held a weapon in your short life."
     "Well, I fenced only once, but I am pretty good at archery."
     "How good?"
     "I usually hit the bulls eye eight out of nine times," I nodded my head, pleased that I actually remembered that.  A twig cracked next to us.
     "Goblin," the elven woman murmured just before grabbing my wrist and running off with me.
     "Let go of me?"
     "No!  If I do that goblin back there will kill you, and you are vital to our cause."

Which path do you want The Elvish Pen to take?

Path 1: They run without stopping to wherever the elven woman is taking Rox.

Path 2: The elven woman leads Rox to a dragon and they ride it above the clouds to where the elven woman is taking her.

Path 3:  The elven woman takes them to a horse, which they both mount and ride to where the elven woman wants to go.